How to choose a thumb tip?

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  1. Hello there guys! So, I was thinking of getting to know some theory about thumbtip magic, and I found multiple types of thumb tips you can choose from. So, what thumb tip do you advise me to buy?
  2. Hey Umbelino,

    To be honest with you any thumb tip will do, find one that's comfortable, matches the color, texture and size of your thumb and work on your handling and you won't have any problems. The Vernet TT's are pretty good and don't cost a lot of money, you may have to try a few different kinds and find which suits you. In the end the most important thing is to learn how to use it properly, not necessarily which type you buy.

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  3. Well thank you for the advice Steven, therefore I will need to try it myself, ordering a thumb tip online semms risky to me, it might not match my skin color or something like that.
  4. My pleasure!

    Do you have a magic shop in your area that you can make it to? If so they are bound to have some type of TT, if not...well, the audience isn't ever suppose to see it anyway. So you could get away with just about any one you buy, again it depends on how much work you put into it.

    The color of it matching your skin tone is a good safety net I suppose, although there are some magicians who have used green or even red thumb tips and have never been busted. If you try a few out and find that one that looks a bit more realistic makes you feel more confident, it's probably what you should go with.

    What works for another may not work for you and vice versa.

    It's solely my opinion of course, but I think technique alone will get you by no matter which kind or color you use, and hey if you accidentally flash it and someone makes a comment, take it off and throw it at them...I bet they won't see that coming! ;)

    Okay, don't throw it at them...I was only kidding! Haha

    Good luck on finding one you like, when you get good enough at it post some videos here showing off your skills!

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  5. At first I thought mine was too big bu after working with it enough I got used to its specs. It also depends on what you plan on doing with it. If you want to vanish a silk then the tip needs to be bigger than if you want to do a bill switch.
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  6. Don't stress about the colour, go for what fits best. If you are doing things right then colour is the least of your concerns. Like Steven says I've seen people use red ones to prove a point and never be busted.

    They are pretty inexpensive so if you can't go to a physical shop to try them out order a couple. I like the soft style, I have an eclipse tip that I got from Jay Scott Berry probably about fifteen years ago that is my favourite but I am not sure if he is still making them.
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  7. The thumb tip is one of the primary reasons that the shortage of magic shops is so tragic. To go someplace and try on several, I personally would have to drive a good 2 hours or so. Trying to order one online is basically a crap shoot. The only saving grace is that they're pretty cheap, so if nothing else you can order a whole pile of them for less than $50 and try them on til you find the right one.

    The right fit is the main thing you're looking for. Color is practically irrelevant, regardless of what anyone tells you. I've heard of magic lectures where the performer does an entire tip routine and at the end shows that the tip they're using is metal with the paint worn off or even covered in red and gold glitter. With proper handling, nobody will see that tip, regardless of what color it is.
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  8. I agree about the color, don't worry too much. I think every time I order one it's a different color, yet even just at my last gig I again had someone say "Hey I saw a guy do that trick, but he used a fake thumb."
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  9. And the best part is even if you have a big pile of thumb tips that you're not going to use, then put them all in a bowl and make it the center piece on the dinner table.

    Invite some new friends over, you'll either come off as a magician or a creep, best case scenario...both! :D

    || Steven
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