How to get rid of "the click"

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  1. I noticed after playing around with a deck or a while, it starts to warp and make a horrible clicking sound when you bend it. Does anyone else have this problem and know how to get rid of it. Please help
  2. Easy fix. Take half the deck and flip it face up and faro it into the face down half.

    Then, take the deck and put it back in the tuck case and pop that bad boy into a card clip. If you don't have a card clip, a stack of heavy books will do the trick.

    Leave it overnight to 24 hours and you should be good to go.
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  3. Thank you! Honestly, this card bending phenomenon plays a prominent role in my nightmares. Thank you so much for the fix!
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  4. Also to help prevent it, it's best to leave a couple extra cards in your tuck case and if you live in cold climate invest in a card clip.
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  5. No problem! This problem happens all the time lol
  6. In the winter I noticed this happening a lot when doing hours of practicing.

    My working theory is that the moisture in your hands, and in the air, gets absorbed into the edges of the cards. The cards swell around the perimeter, but not so much in the centers. This uneven expansion is the cause.

    And, basically all of the various tips on how to fix them boil down to the same negative the orientation of the cards, or leave them alone for a while.

    I just ended up ordering a brick of Bees to practice with and save the good cards for performing. When a deck starts clicking, just switch decks.

    Encourages card collecting too...
  7. Not sure this includes anything that hasn't already been mentioned but you are welcome to watch anyway if you like. :)

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