How to keep from ripping cards while splitting them

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Derek Humberson, Feb 1, 2018.

  1. As the tittle says I am working on splitting cards from from back to make some gaffs. I need double backers etc...

    I need to be also to split cards to make the seamless style flap card and to finish a gimmick I recently purchased.

    I have watched countless videos and tutorials etc... they make it look soo easy. I go as slow as possible and always rip them. I have tried everything and am frustrated and discouraged. I am out of ideas... anyone with experience that can help would be appreciated.
  2. I would suggest reaching out to Jeremy Hanrahan (GaffGuy) He is a good friend of mine and basically doing most of the exclusive gaffs these days for the major companies. He is a good friend of mine. Tell him Mike O’Brien sent you and he will be happy to help. He has some tutorials on his channel as well.
  3. Thanks I have tried every technique I have found and havent come close to splitting a card. Not even half... I have 8 cards left in the deck I was using to practice splitting and so far I am outta luck...
  4. Jeremy is definitely the guy you wanna get in touch with then!
  5. I went ahead and shot GaffGuy an email. Thank you. Hope to bear back from him soon. Just destroyed the rest of the deck ☹
  6. Let me know! I’ll message him to let him know you are hitting him up.
  7. I will second Justin's advice.

    Get Blake Vogt's Split Sessions. You'll get a perfect deck of cards split in about 10 min, and he explains what you need to do if it rips.
  8. I have emailed GaffGuy and have watched his video. I will look at Blake Vogts video as well...
  9. Haven't been able to get the link to work properly on my phone... will try when I get to my computer
  10. Just split my first
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  11. Good Job! I've never really tried splitting cards. Maybe I'll try it soon.
  12. Sweet! Great job! Just keep at it and eventually it will get to a point where you can do it without even trying!
  13. Update:
    Managed to split almost a whole deck with only ruining roughly half dozen cards. I attribute it to the kind words of encouragement. I suppose the few early failures really had me down but the confidence is coming back.
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  14. Any advice when it comes to reassembling cards into gaffs? Like which glues do you find best, been expirementing with a few. I also press the cards for a few hrs when done. My only issue is my cards look as if they hsve been rolled if you look closely enough... they have those micro stresses on the surface. Happens during peeling process. Nor do they seem to stay truely flat the cards look worn.

    I am attempting to make Hondos Flap cards. Watched his video 3x and they look superb and crisp. So currently just building stock for assembly. He does coat them with a clear matte spray paint lightly to help imperfections not show under bright light conditions havent tried that method yet but plan to purchase some before I start assembling.
  15. Great to hear it! I would do as the above have mentioned with “split sessions” by Blake Voght and YouTube toutorials by Jeremy Hanrahan because I am pretty sure both also teach gaff assembly as well as splitting cards.
  16. Split Sessions has one video on splitting cards and a second video that covers making the gaffs.
  17. The classic approach is Elmers no-wrinkle rubber cement. It's worked great for me, but it's really hard to get where I live due to import restrictions in NZ. Easy if you live in the states though - just search on amazon.

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