How to make magnetic cards?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by NeilSahoo, Aug 21, 2018.

  1. Hey I recently bought some really thin magnets from my local magic shop they are the ones sold by shin Lim I was wondering can anyone tell me how to construct a magnetic card gimmick the way shin Lim does ? Help would be much appreciated
    From Neil Sahoo
  2. Shin Lim Explains this in his releases. You can also check out Card splitting. There is a book out called "Lickety-Split" by Marty Grams, and I think a DVD. This is a great place to start. It would take way too long to explain this stuff on thsi forum, so the best thing is to point you in the right direction. Shin Lim's products can be found at his website:
  3. Yeh I do know that because I have bought 52 shades v3 but he doesn't teach how to make the magnets ace of spades and the magnetic blank card when doing the colour change .
  4. That may be because a lot of his act is copyrighted, so he doesn't teach everything.
  5. Watch his At the Table lecture. He goes over it there and it only costs 8 dollars on 52Kards.
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  6. Thanks mate
  7. But he did that! At 31 minutes in the Video he have a ace in hands and tell you, that you should take another one but for demo he takes this one and so on....
    What do you miss?
  8. No I was talking about the one where the deck change happens
  9. Can you show in one of this performances what change you mean.
  10. So when he has the 4 aces and he changes of the colour of them to blue and then you wave the 4 aces over the deck and the whole deck changes blue and so I'm not sure how to make to magnetic ace of spades and the blank card
  11. He explain it at minute 0:43 in the tutorial.
  12. I bought the 52 shades of red cards only thinking I would get the magnetic cards but I found out they are not with the deck only. So I then bought the Magnets thinking I will just make them myself and well all I got was the magnets and nothing to show how to make them. I guess trying to save a buck does not pay
  13. What version did you bought?
    Claim it to your dealer!
  14. It was version 2 and when I bought the deck it said "Deck only" so I have nothing to claim there but then when I bought the gimmics in my opinion there should have been a explanation on how to make them. I bought the gimmics from Amazon so no dealer to go to I guess.
  15. Ok v2 I don't know the video. v3 explained it.

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