How to make trick dices

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by m2fx, Mar 19, 2010.

  1. Hey!

    Kipkay on youtube just released a video on how to make trick dice... it seems pretty easy so I thought id share.. The idea can be applied to magic(Force, predictions...)


    Feel free to delete if it is considered as exposure...
  2. I need to go buy some dice... That was just... :D
  3. is that real?
  4. of course it is !

    Look !

    Even his cat is fooled :D
  5. Cool! Didn't know about this secret method of cheating. Thanks for sharing!
  6. I wonder if this will work with the clear casino-style dice without any distortion on the inside.
  7. Insane...I love it. Just be ready to Bobo Switch your loaded / heavy dice into the game. Super.

    "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner"
  8. I just tried it

    it didnt work very well :(
  9. well wouldn't the plastic melt or the bottom stick to the plate when "cooking" the dice
  10. nope it doesnt get that hot

    It did distort the dice a bit for me but its just a couple bumps

    I hope u guys have better luck than I did :)
  11. You probably over cooked them. Use a little salt and pepper, a dash of garlic, and check on them every two minutes. If they are brown on the edges...but gooey in the middle...should be perfect.

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