How to Mark Blue Bee Cards?

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  1. How to Mark Blue Bee Cards? Thanks!
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    More information needed. Marking a few cards? A full deck system? What context will this be used in? What effect? Will lighting be an issue? How do you wish to locate their card?
  3. How to answer vague questions? Thanks!

  4. Marking only 1 card. I'll be using this for "No Risk Poker" by Rich Ferguson. Lighting might be an issue. Thanks!
  5. With Juice
  6. Orange or Apple

    assuming you are doing the 10 card poker deal I would recommend just scratching a noticeable area. Like the little dashes between the diamonds on one part of the card.
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    Juice is a system that has problems with lighting, and is too expensive to bother looking into for something as small as this. D ICE R's idea on scratch marks with the nail is a suitable one, but that depends on what the card will be used for.

    If this is one of those routines with a sucker card which the spectator has to get, try this. Use 3's and a King as the sucker card, and offer to let them look at and pick the first card of their own choice. Naturally, most will choose King.

    If you want to still have it marked, you could also just try nail nicking all 4 edges of the card, but that might be hard to spot. You could also try crimping all the cards length-wise in a convex manner and the sucker card length-wise in a concave manner. That way, you should be able to see the difference when the light hits it if you're paying attention.
  8. Thanks for saying that.
  9. No problem. The formulas that would be practical to buy would burn the finish on the cards anyway, being as they're alcohol-based. They would've worked a long time ago, but USPCC changed their finish so that it's not alcohol-resistant sometime in the last 10-15 years (not sure when, I wasn't around then).
  10. You could just use a pencil and make a dot at the corners.
  11. If you look very closely, most full-bleed Bees have a subtle one way back design. If you can't figure it out PM me.
  12. Think I found it, but it's with a deck from Kentucky. Not sure if it's just a printing error, sent you a PM.

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