How to open a deck of cards?

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  1. I am just getting into playing cards and I want to know what is the best way to open a deck of playing cards.

    Here are the few ways I have thought about/been told.

    1. Using an exacto knife to cut the seal nice and neatly - leaving it as part of the box.
    2. Removing the seal completely but keeping it on the cellophane. (Using a cleaning product to remove the stickiness off the deck)
    3. Remove the seal completely. (Same cleaning method as above)
    4. Leaving the seal on but just ripping it open. (this one I think is just a messy way of opening the deck)

    What is the best way to open the deck?


    Is there a better way than any of these?

  2. Sorry if this is in the wrong forum - first time posting.. I'll try to put my posts in the correct place from now on. :)
  3. How can there be a 'best' way?

    I use my thumb nail to nick both sides of the seal, and then slide the nail down around the half-moon cut out. I just stick the seal down firmly and forget about it from then on.
  4. Listen to this guy, thats how i do it at least
  5. I simply grab the nearest playing card or knife and use that sharp edge to cut the seal in the shape of the half-moon cutout. This leaves the overall look of the seal intact when the tuck case is closed, but does not leave sticky residue when the tuck case is opened. It is completely your call though. As ChristopherT asked "How can there be a 'best' way?"

    The best way is the way that suits your personal needs. I don't want to deal with the sticky mess and I like the seal, but I don't want to deal with peeling the seal and cleaning up the residue. I also don't mind the cut through the seal. For me, my way is best. For you, my way may be terrible. I don't have long enough fingernails most of the time to be able to use ChristopherT's way, so it is not as good of a method. TO ME. It is still a perfectly good method.

    // L
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  6. Yeah I just use my nail to rip the seal. Then just push it down so it doesn't bother me anymore then it looks nice and clean. I very rarely use a exacto knife to cut the seal. I only use it if I have no nails but even when I don't have nails I still can kind of cut the seal. And for the silicon, I just rip the whole thing off. I never keep them. I don't really care for them even though I know it can help protect the box but I don't really care.
  7. I actually keep my thumb nail slightly longer than all the others so I can do things like this. I know it sounds strange, but it's very useful to have a 'utility nail' if you will.

    I do the same thing Lyle does - flatten it out after tearing it open so that when closed it looks pretty much un-torn. This works best for me.
  8. I use nail clippers to tear through the seal, and leave it all there, easy enough. I could never get the hang of taking the cellophane off properly by peeling that thin strip around the deck though.
  9. About the 'cleaning method' there is a little known "technique" that when I found out I was really happy. If you want to completely remove the seal off the box just.. well.. remove it and using the sticky side of the seal, rapidly tap it against the stickiness left on the box. The remaining sticky stuff will stick to the sticky side of the seal and it will come off clean, just like it never was there. I used the word sticky a lot...
  10. I don't really care how I open it. I usually just peel off the seal and take the cellophane off.
  11. The best way to open a deck of cards was taught to me by Dave Vaught, a magician who owns and operates a brick and mortar magic shop in my town.

    Cut the seal horizontally at the 90 degree angle formed by the lid and the back of the box. This is what you'd traditionally do to open a deck of cards. Then, with the cards still in the pack, cut vertically straight down the spade (in the case of most seals on USPC cards). You then fold both sides of the vertical cut over the back of the box so it forms a V where the U opening would be if you removed the seal altogether. I can post pictures if that was confusing at all; it's not particularly easy to explain with only words.

    This is the best method to open cards. The V looks clean and minimal. There is no residue leftover as there is no adhesive exposed and the entire seal is left on the box. I try to spread this idea around when I can - it's served me well for nearly ten years.

    Hope this helps,

  12. Hey Cameron

    That honestly sounds pretty cool. Could you please post some pictures of it? I'm having a hard time seeing it in my head. Thanks very much in advance.
  13. I use a paper clip, I just straighten out one side and it cuts right through, about as good as an x-acto knife.
  14. For sure dog, here you go. The top of the seal usually looks a little tidier - also, I put a card above the flap for contrast. Hope it's not too blurry. Photo on 8-21-13 at 6.12 PM.jpg
  15. That's pretty cool. Thanks again. I'm going to have to try to the next time I get a new deck. Now to find a new deck to buy ...
  16. I open my decks the same way! SAME! (Arrested Development GOB reference.) I don't remember where I picked it up, but I know I saw someone's deck like that once in a video and I've been doing it that way ever since.
  17. I normally just crack it with my fingernail still works but your way seems pretty badass i think ill try it next time
  18. I like to remove the seals from decks as well, tossing away the standard ones, but keeping the fancier ones like those on the more elegant decks (usually sticking those on the inside of the tuck).

    However, on certain decks that don't use coated stock, like the Tycoons, a bit of residue refuses to come off without damaging the card stock. My blue Tycoon cleaned up pretty good, though a very slight discoloration is visible, but the red Tycoon (and my white Artisan and Medallions) still have a slight stickiness present. Since these are uncoated stocks, the use of a solvent isn't a good idea, as that will likely either discolor the box, or damage the surface. Even just dabbing the sticker on the residue started to pull up the outer layer on the red box (gee, I just might have to get another one, darn.)

    Does anyone know of a safe solvent for these decks?

    He Who Really Likes The Artwork On These Boxes And Doesn't Want A Sticker Messing It Up.
  19. I am somewhat of a book collector and for removing old stickers, any residue or even dirt from old books I use old fashion lighter fluid. It doesn't harm the paper in any way. I have used it on regular bicycle boxes without any issues. Try it on an old magazine and you can see how it works like a charm. Hope that helps...
  20. I would never have thought of that. Thanks for that tip. Got a couple decks of Monarchs here that refuse to give up their stickiness, so I'll give that a go. I was considering Goo Gone, but that's got a yellow color, which leaves a stain if it soaks into paper. It works great for coated paper though, as long as it doesn't reach a cut edge.

    He Who Is Starting To Get Buried Under All These Decks Now.

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