How to ruin a 100$ deck of cards

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  1. I don't really know what to say.
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  2. Did he just...
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  3. Ha. Reminds me of a thing I wanted to do back when Red Artifice decks were the rage.

  4. yes.............
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  5. Or you can just give them to me... after a 2 hour gig my cards are worked ore than this video.... sigh.... having sweaty hands sucks lol
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  6. I know the feeling .....
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  7. To be fair though.... I actually got nothin.
    liek if u cri every tiem

    I don't know if it'll help too much, but there are these little "hand perfume" things (I think they are called "Eau de Toilet" in French, but that may be something else). You may see a lot of people actually carrying them around or applying it to their hands, fore arms & necsk, depending on where you live and the diversity in the area. They are generally found in places with North & West African, Arab & Middle Eastern, and French influence (countries where said areas are or ruled, as well as places with people from those areas). Street Vendors even sell them (I remember when I lived in North Philly, a place with a ton of diversity, and a lot of people from the places mentioned above, a ton of street vendors sold them. You would just walk on the street, and find a ton of them everywhere. That and amazingly realistic fake Wallets & Gucci purses, which actually end up lasting a really long time). They come in tiny bottles and are essentially a bit of liquid perfume or a scented oil that you just rub on to your hands. It'll evaporate off your hands, leaving them cool and dry & you actually get less sweaty palms (plus, they are a cologne, so your hands smell nice). If you carry one with you, along with a small rag to wipe your hands before applying it, it could help. I know that whenever I get sweaty palms, I put some on, and they stay dry(er).
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  8. Didn't know what that deck was, looked it up, watched vid again. My head hurts now lol
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  9. Yeah that's not surprising when it comes to fontaines.
  10. So, watching the video the way he is holding the box is a little strange -- sort of like he is trying to convince us they are a real deck. And the video is just a little too good for tripping and dropping the deck. My first reaction is that something isn't quite what it seems.
  11. Plot twist: there were no cards in the box xD

    And seriously Black Fontaines cost around $200 now? In my place they sell it at around $30.
  12. It really pissed people off how the Fontaines cost $40 at there launch for a limited edition, standard deck with a bit of q1 handling improvements. It's more so in the name of the deck than the actual cards. It's like someone owning a Ford Shelby. It's a nice car, but way over expensive, and quality wise, its the same as much cheaper cars out there (for more info, go watch the Top Gear (the one with Clarkson, Hammond, and May) Episode on it, they absolutely destroyed it lol).

    What really pissed people off is that the new Carrot Fontaines went for $50 or $60 when they were released recently, just a new color. And people bought some, then came out to the line of people and said "these are the last ones" and sold them for $200 or $500 right there. smh.

    1 Fontaine deck is the same price as 6 Virtuosos at launch? Now you can buy a brick of virts for the price of one deck (on ebay).
  13. Seems like a pretty silly reason to get mad to me. The prices are set that way because people are paying them. Don't pay them, the price drops back to something resembling reasonable.
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  14. When the fontaine's first came out, they were set at $40. It wasn't until afterwards that people realized it was pretty much a standard deck.
  15. High end materials and finish still result in about $2-$5 per deck to print (Depending on the size of the order). So $40 is way beyond anything I'd be willing to pay, personally.
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