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How to spot fake tally-ho fan back cards.

Hey everybody!
In the side of my Tally-ho fan back box is written "THE U.S PLAYING CARD CO." but in the pictures here in T11 is written "THE U.S PLAYING CARD CO. CINCINNATI, OHIO 45212"
so is my deck fake?
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Jun 13, 2013
It is real because CINCINNATI, OHIO 45212" is where it is made, which is in the Theory 11's factory. Theory 11 added it to show people it is from them, they printed it. The one you have right now is regularly printed by USPCC, same place as the bikes. Hope it helped :p


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Sep 13, 2008
Theory11 doesn't have a factory. Their decks are printed by the USPCC.

Those words on the deck because they are required to be by the USPCC.

If you bought it from Theory11, it's genuine. If you didn't, then it's 'probably' genuine as a Tally-HO isn't really worth ripping off, but it may be a fake.
Sep 19, 2007
The USPC factory used to be located in Cincinnati, until it moved to Kentucky. The pictures you see of a deck that says Concinatti on it might just be pictures of an older deck. I still have Tallys and Bikes that say it.
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