How To Store Flash Cotton?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dunc B, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Hi everybody,

    I recently purchased flash cotton, and am not sure how to store it. I looked online, but everybody seems to say something different.
    The package says to keep it damp (which is how it came), in its original packaging, and to never store it inside a residence.
    How do you guys think I should store it?
    What is the safest and best way to store it?

  2. I would keep it in its original packaging and inside a metal box that latches or seals somehow.
  3. I got it for free when I ordered some stuff, and I just keep it in it's original packaging.
    My question is, what do you do with it? lol What can I use it for?
  4. i put my five pound flash cotton stash right next to my flint and steel in an open container.
  5. I usually keep mine in my pocket with with loose matches, the matchbox and a spare lighter. If I'm not going to be using it that day, I'll usually leave it sitting on my furnace or the mantelpiece above my always lit fireplace.
  6. Flash cotton can be used for many things. It creates a big flash of flame compared to how much is used. It also leaves nothing behind. It can be used for anything which will be enhanced by that happening.
  7. The best environment to store something like that would be that of a humidor. Assuming you don't have a humidor, You would want to keep it in a place where the moisture is prevented from evaporating. Keep it in a place with a lower temperature, like a drawer. The only other piece of information I can give you is to keep it in the original packaging because of the moisture.
  8. It;s commonly used for a ring igniter to make a (rather large) ball of flame from your hand. It's also a simple substitute for flash paper.
  9. Well it is considered an explosive seeing as you can detonate it with a blasting cap. Thank goodness most magicians do not have that around! However, it should be treated like an explosive because it can still ignite on its own. Keeping it in the original container is best, maybe even keep that open packaging in another bag and store it away from flammable materials. The materials used to create flash cotton are very corrosive and can eat away at metal if left alone for awhile, which is why I suggest double bagging. But you don't need to go crazy with protection either. Flash cotton is pressure sensitive and can detonate when struck or shocked by movement. Bottom line is, don't hit it with a hammer, keep it away from heat, keep it wet and in plastic, do that and it will be all good.

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