How to take care of playing cards

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  1. Every time I open a deck. the edges and side of the deck get dirty after about a week and the cards star clumping. How do you guys take care of your decks?
  2. Make sure you wash your hands before use. I have the sweatiest nastiest hands so after about 2-3 hours of strolling magic my cards are essentially garbage. haha.

    Also it is worth mentioning to make sure you are handling your deck gently. Effects which bend the cards or put a lot of pressure on them will of course wear them out faster. Handle the deck very gently and it will last you a lot longer.

    Honestly if you are heavily using a deck and it is lasting a week, then consider yourself blessed haha.
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  4. There can be so many factors to this. I know when I first got into doing sleight of hand card magic, I was going through about 2 decks a week I was practicing so much. Where you are located can also effect the deck. I live in the humid midwest, so a deck can be opened and just sit and not last long.

    I personally have super dry hands, so I have to apply lotion or use a glycerin/alcohol base when using cards, and this will destry them quickly as well.

    Luckily cards are pretty cheap. But also don't just toss your old decks, use the old ones to practice your card folds, torn and restored effects and practice even splitting. I keep all my old decks to destruction!

    Oh and you might try storing your open decks in the fridge, I have actually heard that works.
  5. hahah now thats weird about 30 minutes ago i was watching you doing magic in one of your downloads and you did a blank fan and i was like lucky you don't have a sweaty hand like mine and now i'm reading this hahahaha
  6. Yup. After about an hour or so I can’t evenly fan cards anymore. I’d need a new deck lol

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