How to tell the Buck twins apart?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by trebmalrolyat, Dec 21, 2007.

  1. i know that theres a thread on this somewhere, but i searched.. and had no luck..

    i am posting this on honor of my friend josh medeski. he has been wracking his brain all week over this. its kinda how the hidden pages for the 'witness contest' were, ( for the unfortunate people who had no luck) ( especially on the 2nd page, like i did)

    but , is there a way, any way to tell the buck twins apart?

    any facial marks.. or something?
  2. No one knows....... Maybe Katie has a book in the Bat Cave that reveals the secret to tell how.:D
  3. heres how i tell em apart
    dan has a big head (just a tad) and dave has a big nose (just a tad)
    just bash that in your head then u got it
  4. Not trying to be rude but noone cares.
  5. I'm not sure, but I think I can tell when they're speaking.

    The one who speaks in a more serious tone is usually Dave.

    If I'm right, then it goes without saying that the other is Dan.
  6. I always had the impression that Dan was the guy with the thinner chin and voice, and Dave was the pimp.

  7. What do you mean no one cares? Just because you don't doesn't mean everyone els doesn't.

    If you noticed they have to different hair styles. and one has facial hair.

    I'm pretty sure dans the one with the short hair and daves the one with the longer hair and facial hair.
  8. he's wondering which one he's gonna get since he asked for "bunny boy collective" for christmas
  9. Well it is rude. Very rude. Perhaps "not" saying anything would be a better alternative?

    As for telling the twins apart, in my experience, Dave responds to the name, "Lord Fauntleroy," in which case I simply bellow his name and he returns my answer.
  10. They're not actually twins... In fact there's only one Buck. :eek:

    He just moves so fast that you think there's two of them. ;)

    - Sean
  11. Wow that's an awesome effect, Dave making two of himself back-to-back, when will it be released?
  12. Actually, there isn't one buck twin. There is none. Mike Ammar is both of them.

    Michael Ammar is also De'vo.
  13. How to tell them apart? Well you yell "Dave", the one who responds must be Dave, and the other, according to Sherlock Holms is Dan
  14. De'vo doesn't exist either. He's really Wayne Houchin. Ever wonder why he never shows his face in videos?
  15. Dave: the one that looks more serious
    Dan: whenever he talks, his lip goes up to the right(your right) a little.

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