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  1. Can you list for me some ways to throw a playing card? I want to make a list with all the most famous(or not so famous) ways
  2. Hi ,

    Yea your gonna have to see to understand , but I feel the underhand throw ( like the one in-Now You See Me ) or the normal over shoulder are the best two and the easiest but your gonna have to know how to hold it for both and i don't really have a way to show you here right now so your gonna have to watch video's but yea .....
  3. What exactly are you looking for? Card throwing (or scaling) itself isn't terrible famous so it's really hard to figure out what you mean by "famous ways of throwing a card".

    I'm fairly certain that everyone that gets into card throwing develops their own way of holding the card to throw it.
  4. Yea he's right there everyone's got different style's so its all you but you can look to methods and modify it ........
  5. Not famous you say? I beg to differ mon ami!

    But now that I think about it, I wonder if there is a way of throwing multiple cards at the same time in an accurate manner...
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  6. Check out Jeff McBride both of you. McBride has a special thumb tip (I think) which allows you to scale cards farther. I also believe that a magician in China has thrown multiple cards at the same time to audiences (forgot his name)
  7. Probably. I used to be able to throw three knives simultaneously.
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  8. I learned from YouTube (sorry to anyone who gets angry, but its the 2nd decade of the 21st century). I've been throwing cards for about a year (I'm not that good though ;) ), but I found 3 or 4 different ways from YouTube alone. Here are the most helpful different methods, the videos were made by actual magicians;

    The first video has the most different method I've ever seen (the second one he teaches I think). Good luck!
  9. First off, I love the Gambit Picture just thrown in there.

    Second off, there is a way to throw multiple cards accurately. You chuck the whole deck across the room ;)
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  10. Well, in the context of the top shot/Hot shot,

    You could include a Boomerang, a Flicker Shot, a regular hand shot (? a Flicker Shot without the Flicker), the Airbender, and that crazy helicopter thing Cardists do when they throw it around them in a perfect circle landing it back on the deck (I think it's called a sombrero?).

    Check out cardist and magician youtube channels (the ones that actually teach), whenever they invent a way to throw cards, they post it because of the fact that they just want to share it with you at that point. Not sure if they invented these, but here are some to get you started:

    One last note - something I semi-figured out but never played with was the Idea that you can do a fan, put a card into the fan so that it is partially in- but mostly jogged out, and if you flick the whole fan while holding it tight, it might shoot out (I think I may have daydreamed it, or I actually did it).
  11. Blimey. Does anyone else feel old now?
  12. Well, I'm only 16..... so no.
    But i will gladly rub it in your face (jk, you're not old, you just have
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  13. 'Life-Experience'...
    Sure... I'll settle with Life-Experience.
  14. I stayed up most of last night trying to find the best way to throw a card just for you!!!!!! I hope this helps:

    1. Place card in hand (if holding with fingers only hold loosely)
    2. Cock arm back behind your head/body, or curl your arm up like a scorpions tail.
    3. Whip arm forward making sure the card can escape your hand.
    4. If the card left you hand, if it flutters or flies, you have (by definition) thrown a card. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!
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  15. For a second there, I thought you had found some amazing advancement in card throwing techniques.

    All that is missing is:
    5. ???
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  16. Do you think I could sell it on the marketplace?
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  17. Nah. You should skip the marketplace, and sell it on the official theory 11 store.
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