How to Tie, Store, & Carry Loops (Video)

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mat La Vore, Aug 24, 2010.

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    How to Tie, Store & Carry Loops (Video)

    Hey guys.

    I know a lot of people want to tie their own loops but don't know how, so I made a video on how I do it. It's a method I think is simple, reliable, pretty quick, and that I've been using for years now. I also show in the video a simple little gimmick you can make for storing and carrying your loops in your wallet.

    I took every precaution to avoid exposure when I made and uploaded this video.
    - The video is unlisted, which means it will not come up in searches, and it's not even listed on my channel. The only way to watch the video is to follow the link here, which I have only posted in this thread.
    - I do not show the actual IT in the video, nor do I mention what a loop is used for, who created it, where to buy them, etc. Unless you know what a loop is already the video does not make any sense at all. There is no trace that this video is magic related in any way.
    - The title of the video is complete nonsense and there are no tags.

    I made this only because I know quite a few loop workers have trouble tying and carrying loops, and whenever I have showed other magicians in person the way I go about both they seem to benefit from it. I have taken every precaution in order to avoid any exposure here. My only goal was to help my fellow magicians that are having trouble tying reliable loops to be able to do so, and to pass on a cool way of conveniently carrying your loops in your wallet.

    Hope this helps. :)

  2. You get this error message when you click the link: "This video is a duplicate of a previously uploaded video."

  3. YouTube is just still processing the video. Should be done within the hour.
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    Video is now up. :)
  5. What's with the title of the video???
  6. Just wanted to keep it random to keep it further hidden from the general public. :)

    The video is unlisted so the only way to it is by following the link in this thread.
  7. Sweet ! I stopped doing loops because they all break at a moment notice, but I had a different tying method... I'll try this one if I can find the Mesika card lol
  8. this is exposure.
  9. How exactly is it? He doesn't tell you what a loop is or how to use it. he doesn't even tell you the specific name of what you use (just elastic) plus even if you had no clue what a loop was and then saw this video you still wouldn't be able to figure out how it works
  10. report it if you think so.
    Doesn't teach any methods to any effects or show how any loop effects work.

    Thanks heaps for showing us the loops storage. That's a great idea, and I'll definitely be using it.
  11. With this sentiment, the product name itself is exposure.
  12. On a kind of related note, I thought maybe I should share how I get the loop ready for action. Since it kind of sticks to your skin (if you have more hair you'll know how difficult it is to separate the loop from your skin), you can flex your wrist/hand. You will notice that your tendon will stick out, forming two hollows on the bottom of your wrist. You then insert your finger into one of the hollows, and can easily stretch out the loop.
    Hope that helps.
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    Give it a try. I've been using this tying method for years now and I've found the knot to be every bit as reliable as the knot on a pre-tied Loop. The knot is just as invisible as the pre-tied Loops knots too. Side by side I can't even tell the difference.

    Thanks, man. Glad you liked it. It's worked really well for me for a long time now. It's convenient and it actually holds up really well. The gimmick I showed in the video is almost 2 years old, and that's with daily use.
  14. Very useful, thanx!!!
  15. i dont see how this is anything like exposure. without prior knowledge to what this product is or how to use it all this video shows is how to tie thread into a circle lol. thanks a lot for the video mat. hope this vid stays up.
  16. Mat, thanks so much for the storage gimmick!! I lost my Inner Circle Card when i lost my wallet a year ago, and have been looking for a replacement, but this is a much simpler and cheaper solution.
  17. Just to make it clear, this thread has been discussed behind the scenes and since there's never an explanation of how to use a loop, we deemed it's not exposure.

    So, great video and hope everyone finds this useful. I'm personally a big fan of loops.

  18. Glad some of you are benefitting from the video and can continue to. :)
  19. Did you use the thread Mesika sells to make your own loops, or do you purchase it elsewhere?
  20. I use Mesika's Elastics thread. Best thread out there for Loops in my opinion.
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