How to use sleight of hand in cards, for practical use.

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  1. I feel like as magicians (specifically those like myself who specialize in card tricks) it becomes rather tiresome at one point and its easy to burn out. I want to see if you guys have any idea on how we can apply our sleight of hand/cardistry in a practical way. What I mean by this, is that there are many times I have seen people play with a deck of cards. And with all my moves and knowledge I don't necessary feel the urge to present a cards trick or an effect. I feel like those moments have the potential to be something more. Granted, it could just be me tired at 10:55 on a busy Friday at school but my point still remains. The reason why so many people fall into card magic (In my opinion) or one of the reasons is that cards are a universal language. No matter what country you go to, if you pull out a deck of cards and spread them 9/10 times someone will pick one. With this in mind shouldn't there be a way of using this outside of magic or trickery? Just a thought, lemme know what you think.
  2. So are you asking what else to do with playing cards that can be done (mostly) anywhere in the world?
  3. Sort of, I'm asking if there is a way of using cards that can be just as important as card deceptions, gambling, card throwing, making house of cards, etc. I feel as though they can be used for so much more.
  4. They make bicycles sound like motorcycles when placed in the spokes of the wheel.
    It doesn't work in the reverse... I tried.
  5. Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, and Yugioh cards have applications outside of magic :p

    That said, the only thing I can think of for "outside magic" application. Casino dealer or something relating to art.
  6. Agreed, I'm just trying to think of what art form (besides sleight of hand) that could utilize cards. Its a bit difficult when there are plenty of art forms and most tend to hinder on either a gimmick or ideology. Thus, its make it rather hard to implement playing cards.
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  8. You can pretend to be Gambit.

    Seriously though, if you and your friends learn how to throw cards, you can have so much fun just messing around, knocking stuff over or throwing them around the room.

    One thing is that you do gain a ton of dexterity and increase your abilities by practicing sleight of hand. I've found that weight of various paper is much more noticeable (as in when I pick up 2 papers as one, I can normally tell by the weight). Fun story, 2 years ago, I went up to the attendance office of my school and turned in a note because I had to leave early that day. They sign you a pass and give it to you so you can leave later. I got to my class, thinking that the pass didn't feel right. It felt heavy. Turned out that a second blank pass had stuck to the back of my pass. As in, anyone can fill the pass out and leave whenever they want. I wasn't sure what to do with it, kids were offering to buy it from me. In the end, a kid ate it, but that's a different story.
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  9. Ah, very interesting that's really wicked that you start to feel the different stocks within normal paper. Perhaps this could be used in more of a skill/demonstration setting. I will look into it.

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