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  1. Hey!

    I don't know a lot about handkerchief magic. That's why I need help.
    I have a routine, but I need one more trick to it.
    I want to ask a spectator for a ring, then HE places the ring in the handkerchief. Then I open the handkerchief and the ring rolls away, spectator thinks that it was his ring, but actually it is completely different ring, but the spectators ring is still in the handkerchief.
    There was a guy (Joel Ward) that did something like this in Fool Us, but I want that spectator himself places the ring in hanky and after that I need the ring to stay in the handkerchief.

    I made a small research and found Devil's hanky plus. Maybe some of you have this trick. Can I do these things with this Devil's Handkerchief? Or you can suggest something completely different?

    Thank you very much! :)
  2. The only method that I am familiar with comes from Mark Wilsons Complete Course in Magic. The Super Dooper Versatile Vanisher on page 194.
  3. The Devil's Hank would work for this. I don't love the coin and ring gag. I read a review of Joel's show (I've seen it live as well) and the people were confused. They thought that the ring had really flown across the stage and they complained about it. I think if you want to use the gag you need to make it clear that it is a joke and that their ring is safe.

    I always suggest the Kyle Marlett napkin vanish when we talk about ring vanishes. If you don't want to use a handkerchief you can tear up a napkin and make it vanish that way. This is available on his At the Table lecture.
  4. @Jebzy :

    There are two methods for vanishing a ring using a handkerchief. The first is the Devil's Hank and the second is what @DominusDolorum is refering to which is also known as a Ring Vanishing Hankey. Either will work to vanish the spectator's ring and drop a decoy ring (with a little sleight of hand). Which one you use depends on what you need to do with the ring later in the effect. With the Devil's Hank, it can be produced by reaching back into the handkerchief (either you or the spectator) later in the effect. You actually can control who finds the ring. I always have had a parent reach in and not find it and then a kid reach in and find it. You could do the same with a husband and wife. With the Ring Vanishing Hanky, you end up with the ring in your hand or your pocket or another location you can load from your hand.

    For most of these props, the material is a bit thicker than a real handkerchief. There are some with really funky patterns that scream "magic prop." Your best bet is to get one that is black or blue. I have several Devil's Hanks (I think 4) and one Vanishing Hanky. I'd be glad to show you how they work and the differences between them over Skype or I can post a video for you.
  5. I used to do this until the one time the girl literally broke into tears and I had to immediately show her I had it and then apologize profusely and help calm her down. 0/10 would not do again. A gag is definitely not worth the possibility of that happening.
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  6. Why not use a gypsy switch? It seems perfect. Have them place it in the handkerchief, misdirect while you re-position it, and gypsy switch.

    Plus, no gimmicks: Borrowed Ring, Borrowed Napkin.
  7. Thanks everyone for help!
    I thing I am going to choose one of these - Devil's Hanks or Vanishing Hanky.

    And I am not woried about that the spectator will be upset by the ring rolling gag, because for this trick I choose a man to help me, and my story line is that he will understand that nothing bad has happened.

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