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  1. I see it has been 12 hours or 720 minutes in other words 43200 seconds since you posted this. And yet you have had zero takers. I hope you're still not sitting there.....waiting.

    What? What about me? Are you wondering would 'I' like to come and hang out with you?

    I'm sorry Eric, maybe next time. Huh? You're asking me why won't I come and hang out with you? Why am I being such a cruel ba*tard? Why am I denying you the company you so desperately crave because you recently had to flush your gold fish "Ragingswiper" down the toilet because you dropped Alka-Seltzer in the tank which released carbon dioxide and therefore euthanized your fish and you started to cry as you watched it thrash around a little bit just as if were out of water? Awwww, what? Aquatic seizures tug at your heart strings??? Did you feel....guilty?

    Anyway, sorry I can't join you. I have to check the freshness dates on my dairy products, take care.



    Postscript: I don't feel sorry about your fish. Just sayin'....


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