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  1. Does anyone have any expertise with the Human Blockhead trick?

    I have done it many times with a que-tip and a nail. Every single time a que-tip will get about halfway in and then stop. It hits a wall and won't go any further. i can tilt it up, down, left or right and all it does is hurt like hell.

    My friend says i must not be getting into the flap, and maybe the wall is the flap. But i have pushed until i smelt and tasted a little blood *did it with a nail lol*

    Anyone have any tips or advice?
  2. Well I use to do this stunt almost everyday (the kids love it) and what I realized that a good skill to have is the ability to put your tongue in your nasal pharynx (Were your nose connects to your mouth). When you do that you can actually find out if anything is getting in the way of the nail (in your case the flap). That Flap is part of your mucus gland (I think) and by pushing it with your tongue you can deflate it and the pressure will go on the other side of your nose. Hope this helps:)

    And by the way, if you start bleeding, Thats natures way of saying "maybe I should stop doing this"
  3. sounds really disgusting and painful. what's the effect/stunt???
  4. Omg that is so wierd!! I was just watching Marc Spelmann doing this trick on youtube and I was wondering the name and how it could be possibly done and then I saw your post.
    Anyway maybe this will help you
  5. YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    but some how awesome
  6. I can't get my tongue in there, and i watched the CNN youtube video before trying.

    I just realized that i can tilt the que tip upwards and it goes to the top of my nose. Therefore it SEEMS that im not in the flap at all.

    but if thats the case i don't think i can get into the flap cause im dragging it along the bottom of my nose and scraping the crap out of bottom of my nasal cavity.

    If im in the flap then my nose is just really short
  7. *shudders*

    i think i'll stop reading this
  8. ok. *sniff*

    tears, weird smell, 14 quetips and a raw ass naval cavity later i have determined that i'm not in the flap.

    nor do i have a freakin flap....

    i'm going in from the bridge of my nose until i hit the wall pushing down with a helluva lot of force and still im not going under any flap that i can tell nor am i getting the quetip in anymore then halfway
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    I perform the Human Blockhead as tought by Rev. Tommy Gunn and inspired by Todd Robbins in my current Macabre act.

    First thing you must realize is that this effect IS dangerous. You must put as much attention into the preperation and aftercare of the effect as you do in learning how to just perform it. One staff infection later and you'll regert ever trying it.

    Your nails must be soaked in Alcohol 98% proof isobbrobaline (rubbing alcohol) prior to use. I personally take a alcohol prep pad (purchasable at medical stores) and swab the nail before handing it out for inspection, and once again once I get it back.

    I use two kinds of nails. 3.5" and 4" nails. I can also use a Phillips head screw driver, but I personally think thats a bit over kill. You can also use an electric drill.... but Why?

    In preping for actually performing the effect you must work small and then large. Your nose has to be opened up to accepting the nails. Think of it as putting gauges into your ears. You don't just start out with the 9 gauge stuff. You start out small and gradually make the hole bigger. I can take the 3.5" nail just fine with out problems. The 4" nail is uncomfortable. When doing the effect the nail doesn't have to go in ALL the way. Just so long as it goes in.

    In performing the effect: The nail goes litterly strait back into your skull. Not up, not to the side. Strait back. You'll find the "hole" and it should just slide in.

    Learning: q-tips suck. They aren't long enough. Get a nail. Start small with a long but as thin of a nail as you can get. Push the nail into your nose with your hand. You're not ready for a hammer yet. Just feel the nail go in.

    Sneezing. You're going to sneeze. It happens. Repeat the effect over and over until you can concure the urge to sneeze. if you feel like your going to sneeze pull the nail out.

    Gagging. Your body has five gag reflexes. 4 in the throat 1 in the nose. As with sword swallowing, you must get over the gag reflex when doing blockhead. Sometimes the nail will go in far enough and it will trigger it. Ala as deep as you go when you perform "Mental Floss" (if you perform mental floss) Short and sweet. Get over it.

    Once you can take a thin but long nail in, you will know 3 important things. 1) How far back your nasel cavity goes, 2) how far in you can push the nail with out gagging, how to supress the gag and sneezing, and 3) How to care for yourself, and your props. You are now ready to take the next step.

    Larger Nails: Replace the long thin nail for a slightly thicker and equally long if not longer nail. Repeat the processes above over and over as necessary until you have a length and width of a nail that you are happy with.

    Final Thoughts:
    DO NOT EVER ATTEMPT THIS EFFECT! This effect is dangerous, and can seriously hurt you if you do not know exactly what you are doing. Learning how to do this effect from some guy you have never met or don't know posting a how to on some internet forum dedicated to "magicians" is no where near the ideal methods for accomplishing this effect. This effect should only be learned when taught one on one by a trained professional who has had years of successful performances of said effect. I am in no way responsible morally, ethicly, financially, or spiritually for your attempts to learn and or perform this effect. Should you or anyone else decide to ignore my warning/ disclaimer and attempt to perform this you do so at your own risk. Any personal injury resulting in failing to perform this correctly is your own damn fault.

    If you or anyone else has any further questions, I would be glad to answer them in private. Just send me a message.

    Best to you!

    William Draven
    Master of the Macabre.
  10. Wow! That basically says it all! Thank you William Draven. Does any body know where you can buy/learn this trick 'properly and professionally'?
  11. Well the proper and best way to learn it is to find someone that does perform it and ask them if they would teach you. One on One coaching is the BEST way to learn any sideshow stunt seeing as they all involve real elements of personal danger.

    However if you feel you still need a visual I believe there is a DVD out on the market called "Geek Magic" that goes into blockhead as well as a few other little gems.

    Failing all else, I accept checks and money orders ^_~

    That was a joke... really. Best of luck to you man.
  12. umm william I once learned this in a book, and it didnt have any of your tips, it pretty much said "get a nail, put it in your right (or left im not sure) and you can actually hammer it in to your skull (pretty much)"

    so its pretty dangerous for someone reading that book to get a nail (about 4 inches it said) and shove it into their face :(

    oh well...
  13. I'm not going to challenge the book. I'm sure there is written copy out there that presents this effect as simple as that, and in a way it is.

    However there is an understated need for hygenic preporations, especially when performing effects that puts forign items into your body.

    As I already said: "one staff infection later, and you'll regret ever learning the trick."

    All my advice comes from first hand learning and performing. I didn't learn from a book. I was taught by a professional.

    Just so it is said: I still don't recomend anyone actually try this.
  14. yeah I just meant when describing it he was saying how you could also just do it with a pen/pencil.

    it seemed like if it was such a dangerous stunt it shouldnt be in the libary for any 9 year old boy to get at it...
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    If you do however end up performing this stunt I would suggest buying a nail from this website.

    he is a sideshow performer, and blacksmith who creates block head nails and other sharp objects out of surgical steel. you know the stuff surgeons use in there tools that are meant to be inside someone's body.

    Also as previously suggested go to someone who knows how to do the student to learn the stunt.

    here is me performing this.

    what you do not see is the people that I had offscreen making sure people didnt come up and do something stupid when the nail was in.

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