Humid Weather = Sweaty Hands

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  1. I live in NJ, and we have been having rain NON-STOP for like the past 2 weeks. Well, the humidity is really building up, and my hands are sweating up a storm (pun intended). As a result, I can basically only do coin magic or use plastic coated cards (Arccos). Any deck I touch is basically down the tubes.

    Any advice on keeping hands dry during such humid weather?
  2. Often when I'm trying to film a video (outdoors), I have the same problem. I carry some hand wipes, which helps take the sweat off your hands. I also carry an extra deck of cards to swith out when my current one gets too flexible. (the extra goes in a card clip.)
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    I live in NJ but my hands aren't sweaty. Probably because I flourish inside my house. And YEAH, it is raining! :D I carry napkins with me and try to keep my hands clean all the time I go outside.
  4. I always put on a squirt of hand sanitizer before I touch my cards... unless there's a sink available, then I will just wash them.
  5. That's what I do. I usually use Tally-Hos, but if I start to feel my hands sweat I switch out for some Bikes.
  6. yea u could use sanatizer, that'll dry your hands a lil.
    if u want to get extreme, u could bring some towels with you ( in your bag) and some chalk(like rock climbing chalk, or baby powder) then wipe your hands a lil (so they are a lil damp) then put chalk on your hands and rub that around till the powder falls off (like if you clap) then use the towel again to wipe the chalk off.
    then in a few mins, when you want to perform, it should be all dry.

    u also could use some anti-persperent(sp) maybe,
    i usually carry round a few decks (2 or 3) and have a towel handy.
  7. u could always try to use some decks of aladdins, just my opinion. when my hands get sweaty, i just use them.
  8. this is all great advice, I constantly have this problem outdoors 24 seven. Welcome to New Orleans!
  9. I tried Baby Powder and so far it has been working well!
  10. I've been noticing it a bit, but I've been running through decks a bit faster now too so it hasn't been too bad. I was my hands very frequently, so I get good use out of them.

    general rule of thumb, if my hands feel sticky, dirty, or like they have dried sweat on them, I'll wash them first.

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