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Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by bboytoopsz, Sep 14, 2009.

  1. How can I learn Firefly by Huron Low . . . . i love it....but i can find it.
  2. He hasn't released it yet. He does however, teach a one card twirl of his very well on the Virts website ;)

  3. virt mania.

    go learn bumble bee.
  4. How do you know you love it when you probably haven't seen more than two seconds of it...
  5. I know I love Jesus and I haven't seen one second of him.
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  6. good analogy, they are both waaaaay overhyped.

    ... on second thought, firefly isn't too bad,
  7. lmao :cool::p
  8. isn't firefly like a 9 phase card twirl?
  9. Learn Bumble Bee and add some small unnecessary motions. Here we go Virt Mania sometimes you dont need hype to learn something
  10. Guys chill the F out seriously. The guy says he wants to learn Firefly and you bash him for being some kinda Virt fanboy. And why would he go learn Bumblebee? They look nothing alike besides the fact that they are a 2 card flourish.

    Cant you just give a polite answer like G::Wadstrand?

    @bboytoopsz- Like others said it isnt released yet. Try contacting Huron personally to learn if it will ever be released in the future:D
  11. ha ha ha this is brilliant :D
  12. Hi bboytoopsz! I found a tutorial of firefly on youtube
    This is the link :
    It may not be called Firefly, but it literally is the same thing.
    Just as a warning, I couldn't learn it because of how difficult it is to me/how trash I am atcardistry
  13. Its not literally the same thing. However being a 2 card twirl, its a pretty good one. My suggestion would be to learn this and bumblebee and whatever other 2 card twirl you can find. Then experiment with them and try to come up with your own 2 card twirl.

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