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  1. I've been rather bored recently, and have decided to get back into hypnosis - something I've experimented with a fair bit in the past, but haven't done for a while. Well, I was idly wondering where I could get a large amount of subjects from, preferably subjects that wouldn't care if I got it wrong. Something went click in my brain, and I opened up Omegle (Omegle, for those that don't know is a website that puts you into a 1 on 1 chat with a completely random stranger via text, no webcam or anything). I had no idea if I could hypnotize a complete stranger via the internet, but decided to give it a go. The first few didn't go too well, but I quickly started hitting more and more often.

    Here's the results (note - I have chosen to leave the induction out, as I don't want to be responsible for anybody who doesn't know what they're doing playing around with hypnosis; if you're interested in the induction, pm me or something):

    You: now when I say go, you will no longer be able to type properly
    You: you will see the words in your mind, but you when you come to type it, it will become a random jumble of letters
    You: this will be weird and confusing, but not worrying
    You: type ok if you understand
    Stranger: aos;
    Stranger: okkkkk
    You: good
    You: go
    You: just try typing a sentence for me now
    You: anything you want
    You: noticing how the letters mix and jumble as you type
    Stranger: adasdio asdkj im i k doasd o und m i sdm d ij jdf.
    You: it's really weird
    You: try again
    You: the more you try, the more confusing it gets
    Stranger: i adad donad ije fam dasdim acnd gan duelas

    A bit more dialogue, then:

    You: now this time, you can type normally, but you cannot type the letter 'e'
    You: any time you need to type that letter 'e', you will have to just miss it out
    You: type ok if you understand
    Stranger: ok
    You: excellent
    You: just try typing a sentence, any sentence now for me
    Stranger: this is rally cool
    You: again, it's really weird
    You: but not worrying
    You: wha month is it?
    Stranger: dcmbr
    You: awesome
    You: and what's your name?
    Stranger: (I have left this out, for the person involved)
    You: pleased to meet you =)
    You: ok, and relax


    You: in a moment, when I say go, I am going to get you to look at your feet, and realise that they are invisible
    You: once again, it will be weird and strange, but a fun experience, not scary or upsetting
    You: when I say go, you will look at your feet and they will be invisible
    You: and shoes or socks you are wearing will also be invisible
    You: you can feel them, but not see them
    You: type ok if you understand this
    Stranger: ok
    You: go
    You: look at your feet now
    You: describe what you see to me
    Stranger: i see
    Stranger: like my legs
    Stranger: but it stops at my ankle
    Stranger: thers nothing where my feet should be

    And finally:

    You: however this time when I say go, you will look behind you and see a giant elephant
    You: you will have no idea how it got there, or how it fits in the space behind you, but it is really really big
    You: you'll be able to touch the elephant and pat it if you want, you can get up and walk around it
    You: it will be as real as anything else in the room
    You: type ok if you understand
    Stranger: ok
    You: go
    You: turn around now
    You: again, describe what you see
    Stranger: huge gray elephant
    Stranger: with big white tuxks

    Now this thread is partly just me massaging my own ego, and partly in the hopes that it'll spark some interesting discussion, but the real reason behind it is to say that if you don't take the odd risk and give things a go, you'll never achieve anything. Try things, experiment, and who knows what you'll manage :)
  2. Haha nice.
    I would love to try this with you so youd know that it is really going on as it should. Since these kinds of places might have people that actually are effin with you. But nice idea, i love that some people are going out of their zone and trying new things.

    Good luck!

  3. Yeah, nice one. I got hypnotized too.
  4. omg dude i wanna get hypnotised so much. Im very open minded and you can use me as a test subject anytime you like. Just Pm me with ur msn or whatever you use so we can try something....
  5. Yes, I want to get hypnotized so much it's not even funny.
    Feel free to try your hypnochat on me;)
  6. me 2 me 2!! :D
  7. Haha, okay, I'm always looking for test subjects :p Anyone who's interested in giving it a go, send me a pm with an msn address or the suchlike in.
  8. After more experimenting, I'd say I'm hitting about 20/25% of the time. I'd encourage anyone else who's interested in hypnosis to give this a go too, see how it works for them.
  9. It could be that the 1st part of your xperiment is based on the reliance of someone undrstanding grammar. I'd think 25-30 pct at least on someone getting hypnotised using a text chat. Even more impressive... Get them to spell correctly using hypnosis.
  10. Haha, when I click my fingers you will understand the correct usage of a semi-colon!
    Hmm, I'm still experimenting with different inductions. The main difficulty is with not being able to physically see how well the subject's responding; it's completely reliant on the feedback I get. Still, I'm going to keep tweaking and playing around with this.
  11. If you're really serious you could look into some really "hard-core" hypnosis techniques. If you've ever seen that thing where text serves to sway the subject; as they are reading it.

    I found a great link that you might be interested in:

  12. Erm OK - I don't like to ask a silly question but what relevance did that link have? It seemed to be talking about fuzzy text of some kind. Anyway good thread Randomwrath; I might have guessed you'd do this. Good luck with the hypnotism - you seem to have many willing subjects.

    Just for those reading this who are thinking of trying it - Randomwrath is a flipping fantastic hypnotist. I have known him for more than 5 years and he is brilliant at it.

    Good luck.
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    It was talking about fuzzy text just as he is trying to hypnotize people using text. Fuzzy text is basically words that try to work themselves out on their own. It touched upon the point of translation and understanding what someone is going to say before they say it. I didn't see how it could hurt even if he is a master hypnotist of 5 years. I might even buy the book after reading the intro, it seems interesting.

    And crap, I was only trying to help man.
  14. Gawd, has it been that long? Why am I not completely insane yet? ;)

    Thanks for the suggestion and the link, I appreciate it :)
  15. Most Men are not themselves until they get a good punch in the belly.
  16. That depends what kind of punch we are talking about. Sorry I didn't mean to knock you - I was simply trying to understand...
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    A really really hard punch. That is what I was saying. Doesn't anyone besides mixed MA guys know about simple self-defense techniques?

    I got a good one and might even make a magic trick out of it. The cards humping each other on the ground. Like "ground fighter cards."
  18. Just have to mention that this was ****ING RIDICULOUS!

    Incredible, I had never imagined it to be like that.
    I was all me, not in a zombie'esque state of mind, and i laughed my ass of because I drank imaginary silly-drink.
    I don't get it, but it was FUN!
  19. I kind of skimmed this thread, but I've done this type of hypnosis a lot before. It's nothing new, sorry.

    Part of what hypnosis is is concentration. What is happening is nothing different from reading a good book. If you keep that in mind, you can easily make any kind of induction over chat with many willing people. It's possible to do mass hypnosis with chat rooms. It is something I've done before.

    If I may, I'd like to offer some suggestions on doing "chat trancing".

    When I do this, I aim to write poetry. That's the key. Now I don't mean you need to rhyme, but you do need a rhythm. Also keep it simple. You don't want the subject to scroll back because s/he missed something.

    What is also good, especially in text chat hypnosis, is to have the subject repeat a catchy phrase over and over. It doesn't have to be long, just catchy.

    Also what helps is to tell the subject to sit in a darkened room, with the monitor as the only light source. This has the same effect as watching television in the dark, the eye gets tired, they body relaxes, and focus stays on the screen.

    I use an analogy of a drain and the subject's mind drains into it. So they repeat "Drain to empty". If the subject is a good typist, then have them type the phrase as well as say it, this way the body creates muscle memory which can be used as a trigger for later sessions.

    Poetry is the key. Your goal as a hypnotist is first, to relax the person and open them up for suggestion. Because they are reading, you have more access to their imaginations than you would if you were showing them a video. Use that.

    If you want more suggestions or advice, feel free to pm me. I'm always willing to help out. :)
  20. Glad you enjoyed it, man :)

    It's new to me, and when I tried googling it, I only found one example. That was a really long winded, drawn out induction.

    And thankyou for the advice, I really appreciate it, but I tend to keep my induction reasonably simple and rapid as it is. If I have them typing out catchy phrases and sitting in darkened rooms, it kind of detracts from the less formal, more conversationally feel I like to try and get across, which, in turn, would probably harm my induction, purely because it would feel more contrived and stereotypical and not fit in with me (I hope that made sense, I've just got up :rolleyes:). Still, I may play around with these ideas, and try to incorporate them somehow into what I'm doing.

    I like the idea of chatroom mass hypnosis. I may have to try that some time :p

    And again, thanks for taking an interest and offering advice. It really is appreciated.

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