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  1. Hey guys , I've got some questions about hypnosis :
    - Where I can learn it ?
    - Is that difficult to do ? And to learn ?
    - Does it work on everybody ?
  2. What are some good hypnosis DVDs or books y'all would recommend? And also where to get them?
  3. I'm confused. Was there a popular show recently that had hypnosis or something? I've been seeing a sudden surge of interest in hypnosis and it's all people who are just getting into it.

    There's Anthony Jacquin's material. That'll get you started. There's an audiobook by Derren Brown, it's an excerpt from Tricks of the Mind. Then there's any number of resources such as The Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnosis by McGill, Hypnotherapy by Dave Elman, Basic Stage Hypnosis/Advanced Stage Hypnosis by Mark Cunningham and Mike Doubet .. tons of other stuff out there. Self help books, clinical books, etc.

    Pick something, learn some basic inductions and the concerns surrounding it, and find some willing volunteers. Do not take it too lightly, though. While you can certainly do a bit of fun with hypnosis, it can be very powerful and you really do need to take care to make sure you're not harming your subjects in any way. A concern that most of the hypnotists I see perform do not have.

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