Hypnotic Pull?

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  1. I'm wondering if anybody else uses Hypnotic Pull and what your experience has been with it. I've tried in multiple lighting conditions and in every instance, they saw the gimmick. I even tried with some different decks with different color boxes (all with the cellophane still).

    I'm fairly tall and thought if I lowered my hand a bit it would help. I've tried keeping the attention on me, but either when they look down to grab or after they let go, they notice.

    I heard from to somebody who said they saw it performed live by Patrick Redford and they saw it from the second row.

    What have others experienced with this effect? Is there an optimal lighting that you use? Anything specific to keep them looking at you even while grabbing the deck?
  2. Same issue here. I won’t perform that part of the effect for that very reason. Check out Prison Deck by Joao Miranda.
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  3. I saw that deck and the second part of Hypnotic jumped to mind for sure, but looks quite a bit stronger!
  4. I've had the same problem. Whenever I have performed it for anyone, whether it be a kid or an adult they have seen the gimmick. I don't perform this trick anymore.
  5. Thanks all! At least I'm not the only one, I thought maybe I was doing something wrong. Ah well!

  6. Learn hypnosis. I know that sounds simple and mundane. But learn to do actual hypnosis. Its much easier than you think. If you would like to know more, hit me up.
  7. In progress! I've read through the first half of the New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnosis! I have been wrapped up in a last minute (non-magic) talk I was asked to give for the past few weeks, but I'm hoping to spend some time working on starting a testing/induction script this weekend! Something I've been interested in for many years, finally doing it :D
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  8. You'll thank yourself you did.
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