I am now head moderator on the forums!


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Nov 12, 2016
LA (Lower Alabama)
So, as the title reads I have been declared the supreme dictator of these forums. So to start out I have created some ground rules

-All Snc entries will have an entry fee of $500 sent directly to me
-any and all discussions of chipotle are now not only allowed but encouraged. Please talk about it daily
-everyone is now required to like my WGN posts and give at least 1 compliment to my answers
-all profile pictures must include a photo of a catfish
-all other mods are to be referred to as “my minions”
-any and all complaints about me are to be kept silent
-no now means yes and yes now means Marlo tilt
-And lastly everyone is asked to please end every reply and post with “010rusty is my one true idol”

I hope everyone understands. I understand everyone will cooperate. And if you have any more questions please read Johnathan Baymes’ official announcement
Aug 22, 2022
This might be the wrong place to ask, but I've been trying to learn the yes for some time, and I just can't seem to manage. I asked my local chipotle employee and he didn't know. Any suggestions?

Also, is it just me, or did Johnathan Baymes look a little different in that video? Did he get a haircut or something?

010rusty is my one true idol.
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