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Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by Donald C., May 8, 2009.

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  1. I think it is ridiculous that you are selling you r cards for 9.99 per deck. I fel you over price alot of your effects, and think it is not right. I love your magic, I love what you do, but everything seems so expensive in my opinion.
    Does anyone else agree with me?
  2. Why the personal attack on Asher?

    Ten bucks is a lot to spend on a deck for everyday use. I'm sure being made out of country adds to the price too. As far as his effects go, he made them and he can sell them for whatever he feels they are worth. There are far bigger injustices in this industry than someone charging what they feel they are worth.

  3. I am not trying to make this a personal attack, I made it sound like I did, but I think maybe there could have been something done to get the cheaper.
  4. Remembre that those are made by Fournier not USPCC. The quality is much better than you may expect and will be probably one of the best playing cards on the market.

    Lee can low the prices in the future.

  5. Yeah I know but they still should not be 10$, I could not wait for these cards I was expecting buy a brick, but then I saw the price and there is no way I am buying 1. Nothing personal against Lee these are probably the best cards on the market but not worth 10$, but I will probably end up buying some anyway:p
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    10 bucks for a pack of really high quality, longer lasting, higher durability, better stock manufactured cards made from one of the premium playing cards manufacturers in Europe is not expensive, or over priced, and please, lol. You post on the Theory11 forum bashing Lee for having overpriced effects? That makes me chuckle.

    And these are -not- the best cards on the market. You can get decks of cards produced for up to $50 bucks and up, brand new, not collectors items etc, that are designed to last longer, custom finishes etc etc. These are mass produced cards, they just cost a fortune to manufacture in the first place.

    The only reason I'd cuss Lee for these cards is that they are literally ridiculously ugly, lol.
  7. agreed on the looks, why spend so much money on the quality of the cards and not worry about looks, should have invested some more in design.
  8. ok think about it like this get 10 decks for a hundred........or one deck for a hundred.........dude the price can always be higher and if your gonna buy some anyway then wat was the point of this thread?
  9. Seriously? Aren't you one of those that lined up to buy the Jerrys?

    Hellllooo McFly!!
  10. I'm thinking someone didn't get a deck of Jerry's in time, and is taking it out on Lee!
    His effects aren't overpriced at all, have you even bought any of his effects?
  11. BTW: this $9.99 is only an introductory price. Once he discontinues them, they'll be worth much more on ebay....so it's best to buy as many as you can now.

    lol...Lee has got a whole database of fools that he knows he can sell anything to at any price. Don't complain if you've contributed to said database.
  12. Id buy those cards to try out, if they are awesome then id continue buying them. I think they look Really nice.
    I think he should put better photos of them tho, Even a video of him doing some stuff with them.

    Is the Quality really better then other decks ??
  13. Ha the funny thing is a deck of bikes cost us this much in australia.
  14. If you buy a brick of the new cards, it only costs $90. That is less than $8 per deck.
  15. Of course if you think 10 bucks is bad for a high quality deck...Take a look at this!
  16. Seriously?? You've made a topic for this? Sigh, why cant you just email him and he'll reply back, there is no need to make a topic if you think his cards are a little underpriced. They're HIS cards and he can charge as much as he wants.
  17. That is 3 decks?
  18. i agree with everything you say, but no point of this thread...
    i don't care about what you think is expensive or unfair.

    are you just creating this thread to vent your feelings and see who agrees wit you?
    what do you accomplish by doing that? i don't think lee is going to see your point and lower the prices based on your opinions or anyone who agrees with you

    though i agree with what you say about the prices; there
    no point of making a thread
  19. Yes... but the decks last for about a day for an actual magician! When you can get them most places for 1.89$ roughly!
  20. why did you feel that you had to make a thread about this?
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