I bought my first deck of cards..why is it so stiff?

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    So I bought an absinthe as my first deck of cards. I wanted to get something unique and has an interesting design. I've never handled a proper deck before and it seemed so stiff to me compared to the s****y no brand deck I used to practice with. So I'm wondering, is there a difference between the stiffness between cards? I'm thinking of buying a standard bicycle deck, but I'm not sure if that this is just how proper card decks feel in comparison to the cheap ones. thanks.
  2. Buy a standard bike deck, buy a few. Break it in just by using it and giving it a few shuffles. It will feel relatively the same as the Absinthe and the decks TXI & E put out.

    The reason they feel so stiff is that the cards you were using before were probably very worn in and used, so it feels "softer" than these. But a good stiff deck is a good thing, as if it is stiff straight out of the box, it'll feel usable & you know that it was printed with high quality. Plus, you'll get accustomed to the types of decks you will probably be using later on :)
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  3. First off, Absinthe has a thicker stock, second they are new so you need to break them in to make them less stiff. You can find tutorials online but simply just use them a lot.
  4. Do some flourishing and play around with them to break them in. I find shuffling and bridging cards makes for really good breaking in.
  5. Decks from different publishers will definitely have a different feel. There are many factors, including the paper/card stock used, the type of finish/embossing; handling is also affected significantly by the kinds of coating used.

    If you want to learn more about this, check out my detailed article here:

    Analysing the quality/handling of a USPCC deck vs EPCC decks: four key elements

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