I can't be the only one who does this.

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  1. (TOPIC)
    Change the name of a trick to something that you think/feel sounds better?

    I personally do this for 2 reasons:

    Reason 1:
    When I can't find out the name of a trick. (And I go out of my way to locate it and still can't)

    Reason 2:
    I want to protect the trick by renaming it to something I know a random nobody would be able to find on youtube or some other site that gives away secret.

    I want to be clear that I only do this with random tricks I find a tutorial for on youtube where the uploader of the video doesn't bother naming the trick. I will also create and include an addition to the trick, then title it something completely different.
  2. In the program for my show, I rename effects mostly to throw people off from trying to find it on the internet. But then again, most of what I do can't be found on the internet.
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  3. Yeah that's my main thing, protecting the secret I just feel weird when not giving credit.
  4. I don't name my tricks, i just do them. The spectator doesn't care and neither do i. I do not perform on you-tube or any video, if they want to see me they will have to come to a performance. Internet-magic is nice for those who like it, but it doesn't pay the bills.
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  5. Yeah but...I don't get it...

    Why are names required for tricks at all?
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  6. What do you mean?
    Are you asking why tricks even have names at all?
    You understand why tricks have names, but are asking why anyone says the name of a tick during a performance?
    Why go out of your way to rename a trick if it's found on the internet because with enough looking, you can find it so renaming is pointless?
  7. For me, the answer is that providing a program with a name for the effect is like a program at a concert with the names of the arrangements or a program for a play with the setting for the scenes. That is, it conveys that the magic the audience is about to see is a performance piece.

    So the program looks like this:

    The Linking Rings
    Uncle Jim’s Legacy
    Lemonade Stand
    Dinner for Two
    Houdini’s Last Trick
    End of the Day


    The Billiard Balls
    Compatibility Test
    Shakers and Olives
    Pages in Time
    Marguerite’s Wishes
  8. Sometimes, the names help the patter. It helps to add something to the very trick, eg. At the end, you remind the audience of what you had called the trick or what you had said about it at first, when you show a kicker ending, which makes the effect stronger (3 card Monte). Sometimes it paves the way for you to begin the patter, (for something like oil and water, you say these cards don't get together very well, and here's what I mean,.... Or, for, say, Cannibal Kings, I know the cards that disappear are eaten by the Cannibal Kings...). Most of the time, books have the trick under a name for the convenience of magicians, so that everyone on the same page when they're talking about a trick. I completely refrain from naming, as I feel like it makes the routine longer without adding much as a compromise.
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  9. This.

    I mean, I see what @RealityOne means, which definitely makes sense for a stage performance.

    As for other impromptu performances, like @Mitra#008 mentioned, I guess it does help the patter. But I don't personally see myself trying to name a trick except for a funny effect at the end, or a more serious one, depending solely on the patter. But that's only speaking for myself and nobody else :)
  10. I usually put names that I really like... and they hardly have anything to do with the trick itself.. like:

    "The last butterfly"
    "Needless to say"
    "Silent City"
    "Ockham Razor"
    "In the Middle of a heartbeat"

    that said.. I really never say the name of the trick on the show... but as @RealityOne said... it looks good in a program and create an expectation...
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