i created an effect but the method it´s not mine!!

Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by AC RIVERA, Jul 27, 2012.

  1. hello
    i got a question, i just created an awesome effect but the method has been used before, should i contact the artist or do i get all the credit??? :confused:
  2. I don't know much about the situation since your description is very brief. I'm not sure whether or not you're using bits of the method or whether or not your effect is an exact duplicate of the other guys trick.

    Give us a bit more detail and I will try to resolve your ordeal.
  3. well, it uses a bit of the method and the effect it´s very different.
  4. I would contact the artist because he or she might have already traveled down that road and can give you pointers, plus its ethically right.
    It's always better to ask first.

    It also probably depends on what the method is. For example: If you say it uses invisible elastic...then you are probably fine but if you say that the method involves an Asher Twist or a move from another artist...then you need to contact them.

    I would also probably PM Lyle Borders, myself, or JB and see if your effect is in fact new or not, or go ahead and film it and upload it to the Wire and see what happens. It is hard to tell.
  5. Getting permission from the original creator will definitely help your effect get approved. When we review a submission, we judge it on three main criteria: originality, creativity, and quality. If the method isn't original, but we see you got permission from the creator, we'll take that into consideration.


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