I Died a Little Inside

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LuseifHo, Dec 29, 2008.

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  1. Watch the video below.
    Some of you might have seen this but seriously... yea...
    you might think that its kinda mean that everyone is ripping on the kid but... comeon... listen to what he says and youre gonna get why.
    COMEON! Card College: "they suck... cause its too hard.....they should really put a warning that if youre in to card magic for 3 weeks you should start with volume 1..." COMEON!!!!
    fun stuff to watch though.
    watch his other vids as well. good stuff!
  2. This is sooo old lol!.. Still awesomely funny though, Card Crappage really does suck.... just kidding, ppl take **** oo seriously, I posted that in sarcasm and I got a really foul hatred comment on my youtube acct from some kid talking about how gay I am bacause I'm sarcastic lol.
  3. yeaa we know theirs been threads on this
  4. I love this kid though.. he's my hero.. He makes me want to feed a child
  5. k
    sry i guess...
    cant really search "fat kid ripping on card college" and find something so yea...
  6. If you want to feed a child make sure it's not him though, he got his turn it looks like.

    In all seriousness, I feel bad for the kid. That's pretty much it.

  7. HA!

    p.s. why is there a minimum character limit on T11s forum. i had to type this ps thing just to be able to submit my "HA!"
  8. haha aww thts mean. and i know.
  9. lmao

    robert uh stupid name.

    thats classic
  10. @ nikki.. You know? So.. you;re saying you've ripped up a Card College book too?
  11. no...when i said thats mean above i said it cuz he called the kid fat...i never owned a card college book
  12. aw...
    theyre good stuff...
    kinda pricey but still...
  13. This Kid Can't pronounce anything! he says finger palming is hard lol.! "Brad Is A Great Magician" lol. He is such a nerd lol, and everything is too hard for him lol!
  14. Haha I was the first person to comment on this when he posted it.

    It's actually kind of disappointing to see this kind of thing...

    Edit: 5th*

  15. oh gosh, man, if he is going to be like this,poor boy...

    "gosh!,being father sucks! this baby is fricking garbage!(throws baby away)"

    Magiman09 in like 40 years....

    On a serious note,in half an hour a couple of friends and I are going to take some pitchforks and torches and we are going to his house to burn it ( we will try to rescue the card college books and the other dvd's) who is with me??jaja

    this really made me mad....

    "dude I wanted to punch you in the face the whole time I was watching this. You JUST started. How can you expect to learn if you just give up everything that is too hard. I would kill to be able to afford card college.

    With the m5 you're basically saying if brad christian does it, then i should do it. Card college has some of the most classic concepts in all of card magic. I hope you give up magic all together because the last thing the magic world needs is someone like you"

    His answer???

    mabe u should be less poor an you could afford it sorry m5 > card crapage

    gosh, I need a drink.
  16. Hey everyone. We've had threads on Magicdude09 in the past. Many people think his videos were just jokes. No one really knows I guess. I think they are completely legit. Well from what I've heard from people, he ignored all helpful advice given to him. He just didn't listen to what anyone said to him. And you know what? We haven't heard from him since August. So either he stopped with the joke, or he probably quit magic and went on to the next hobby that he'll quit in about 3 days from now.

    Either way, creating a thread to just bash someone is out of line and I'm going to have to close it. I must confess though.... his videos are two things for me:

    1. Frustrating with how much stupidity there is
    2. Hilarious

    Depends on the day really. Anyway, this thread in a matter of about a half hour has run its course.:p

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