I get to perform in a talent show... I am excited

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  1. Hey guys I am new to these forums but not to magic. I am pretty excited because I auditioned for a talent show and got in. This will be my first time performing for around 300+ people. The trick I have made up my own and it is a card levitation that can be done close up and far away. When it's done I'll try and send a video link so you guys can check it out. Woo! can't wait!
  2. how many days until your show ?
    how many hours minutes are you going to perform ?
    do you have your routine down ?
    your script ?
    Do you have your music ready if you are going to use any?

    I been in 20 talents shows and believe me you have to plan everything and be a least 30 minutes early.
  3. Hey man, congratulations and good luck! I remember the first talent show I was in, an incredible feeling. Can't wait to see the video and hear about it, I'm sure you'll do great - if you're like me at all and get those nervous butterflies in your stomach, welcome them; have confidence in your magic, it will do the talking. Since you're new to the forums, welcome to Theory11.
  4. Break a leg! Also, make sure you have everything down good. Also #2, welcome to Theory11!
  5. I would like to wish you luck and I hope you have an amazing presence and simply amaze the crowd.

    Good luck!

  6. Good luck in the talent show -- hope you win. More important, however, have fun. I definitely can't wait to check out a video of your performance.

    Have a great time and best of luck (and welcome to the forums)!

  7. Good luck, man! I hope you have a great show...
  8. Nice man! I'm sure you'll do a fantastic job. Make sure you have everything down though. And I mean everything.

    When I performed during an assembly for my school (about 1000 people, by far the biggest audience I've performed for), I was so close to messing up... on an up the ladder cut! I mean, is that even possible? But seriously I lost track of the top stock and I was like "Oh s***" so I just randomly pulled out a section of the deck and produced the top card and thank god it was the card I needed, or the stock in this case.

    I have a video of it, but some of the beginning got cut off. I'm sure no one would want to see it anyhow :rolleyes:
  9. Good luck!
  10. Good luck - hope it all goes well! :) Cant wait to see a video either.
  11. hey guys I just did my show last Saturday and I think it went very well. To answer some earlier questions. I did just one trick, it was about 4 minutes long or so. I felt a little bit like I was in "The Prestige" I walked out on stage and to loud clicking sounds go signifying the turning on of the two spot lights. As people saw it was me (my reputation has been going up as of late) people started cheering and clapping. It was so hard for me not to smile. The idea behind how I would present the trick was simply I walk on stage do the trick and walk off. Saying nothing. So I first looked across the audience grabbing all their attention. My "eerie" music starts and I bring out a simple playing card. I show it around and then bend down and place it on the ground. I won't go into huge detail but the card moves on the stage and the slowly floats up. When it was in the air the entire audience was dead quiet. I finished the effect by simply grabbing the card out of the air and threw it into t he audience. No threads magnets or wires. I should hopefully have a video up soon. Oh I did not win, but as far as I'm concerned the talk afterwards everybody was talking of my trick and nothing else. All I wanted to do was entertain and I think I nailed it. Thanks for all your support guys, I feel very welcomed.
  12. Awesome! :D How you can do a levitation with a card without thread, magnets, or wires beats me, however, that is awesome that you made a card levitation like that. How you also made that last 4 minutes is beyond me, however, I can't wait to see a video of your performance! www.photobucket.com doesn't require video processing or anything like that (of course it's not exactly youtube either, its more of a personal site). Just upload the video and post the link.:D (You have to make an account real quick though.)

  13. I would definately perform more than just one effect. I was in a talent show not too long ago, and performed two effects, and the judges said the only reason I didn't get 1st place is because my act was too short. So lengthen your act a little bit.

    Anthony Bass

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