I got 10 bucks today!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by James Wise Magic, Jun 26, 2008.

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    So I was at the mall today and some of my friends were there today and they were hanging out with some other people that I don't know. Well I did some of my routines and they loooooved it!
    They even paid me $10!! :D

    It was awesome!! I didn't know they were going to tip me. They just did. Kinda like when Wayne Houchin got tiped on Distortion. lol

    I justed wanted to share that.
  2. Congratulations? :rolleyes:

    I would never accept a tip from my friends if I was just showing them something hanging out. It's not me. But if you feel happy doing it, whatever.

    I think at this point in your magical career, you should just focus on getting the experience, and not money. But that's must me...
  3. cool... I made 5 dollars at the bank the other day and it made my week. I totally get how you feel.
  4. I found a penny on the floor the other day.. Only 99 cents away from one whole dollar.
  5. i had a $100 the other day, my friend needed $50 for some game he wanted to buy so i ripped my $100 bill in half and gave him the other half to buy the game... don't know why but he seemed pissed.
  6. well yeah. I was doing it for the experience but they tiped me at the end, I didn't know they were going to do that. lol

    And the ones I was performing for, I didn't even know them. Remember I said my friends were hanging out with people I didn't know. And they tiped me. :)
  7. That's really weird of him.

  8. Cool James1Wise, its only ten dollars, but hey if they were that impressed to give a tip, then kudos.

    I would save that 10 dollars and use it for inspiration. Not to focus on getting tips, but to remember the feeling when they gave you the tip and the joy they had. Bottle that feeling up, and take a sip whenever you need a little more determination.
  9. Go spend it at seven 7'11 and get a hot dog and a drink.
  10. well yea its kinda the same with me, i was with my sis in the bank, when i showed an employee there prophet, they freaked out, they wanted to tip me 25$ but my sis wouldnt agree:mad::mad::p
  11. One time, i did 3 tricks, and i got 2 bucks. and a drink. and a burger. they were bbqing. at the park.:cool:
  12. Quick story, maybe a year ago, I wasn't really into magic anymore. There was a Christmas party. Someone remembered that I used to do magic, but did not know that I quit. So I decided to take 1 deck of cards to the party. I showed one trick to the host. And the trick was only, have a card selected, control it on top, and keep it on top. Then do a long distance spinner and catch their card. HE FELL IN LOVE WITH IT. he made me show 10 more people. But then someone said, "show me another 1", I thought I was jammed. I only remembered that trick, no more. But then I remembered the 2 card montey. I proceeded to do that, and they loved that 1 too. At the end of the party, the host gave me $$100 and someone else gave me $$20. I was very surprised. That shows that basic and simple tricks kill. And then I got into magic :)

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