I got the 4 aces, now what do I do with them?

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  1. I'm dead in the water when it comes to 4 ace tricks. One of the tricks I do produces the 4 aces, but then I have nothing to really do with them after that. If anyone can make some suggestions that would be awesome!

    So I need some effects to do after I already have the aces, also the effects can not be gimmicked.

  2. Twisting the aces-marlo.....daley's finale....daley.........assembly....

  3. There are a few fairly clever 4 aces tricks in Ninja 1. I use a couple of them whenever I perform a routine its a good opener
  4. You could produce the 4 aces, then follow it up by producing the 4 jacks or something so that you could go into a Reset routine.
  5. Lee Asher's "Asher Twist".
  6. You don't actually HAVE to do anything with them...

    If, like me, you're not the biggest fan of TTA, Daley's Aces or Ace assemblies, then the options are pretty limited. Invisible Palm is another favourite...I also recommend "Palm Reader" from John G's Brainstorm set, very nice little effect...

    Personally, when I produce the aces I either go into the Lorayne Poker Deal or more typically I get rid of them and go into Jazz Fusion, which reproduces the aces at the end for a complete blind-side finish.
  7. i usually do "the queens" except with the aces after i produce the four aces... but i guess that just produces them again, then i guess you could just do a four for four change and say something like "oops i guess i used the aces too much and they don't like me anymore"... yeah thats a little cheesy but just a suggestion
  8. You can do Invisible Palm.
  9. ashers twist, Jacksyna(ps)ces http://youtube.com/watch?v=UO9kA-6ZlOI thats the link great trick mercury aces, revolver, double shock just search it if you dont no one they are all amazing the best is jack and double shock
  10. You could perform Mercury, whereby the 4 aces, one by one turn over, until all four backs of the Aces turn into the four kings (which leads great in Panic), and the four aces reappear in the deck, facing up.

  11. I think the Asher Twist would work great. You could to the Asher Twist, do the 4for4 switch, and go into WideSpread Panic. Wow, that sounds good, I'm gonna go practice that right now! lol. But seriously, Asher twist would be a great trick to do if you produce the aces. Also, if you want, you can simply go from producing the aces, to losing two of them in the deck and then do waving the aces. It would be nice and simple and it shows the audience that you can produce four, even though you only needed two.
  12. btw, if you have the trilogy, you can also do one of the tricks there, it works great after producing the aces
  13. I would perform a gambleing routine and how you can control the cards invisibly.

    Or I rememebr reading somone say Asher's Twist or mercury would be also a great choice.
  14. Travellers, Slow-Motion Aces or any of the twisiting effects be it a Vernon, Asher...
    The hardest thing for me is routineing my aces effects and making up a good enough story to follow.
  15. im not to sure with 4 aces other than whats been said but with 2 you could do wave the aces or whatever its called
  16. Gregory Wilson's Weighted Aces. A really quick 2-phase transpo effect that hits surprisingly hard and it stupidly easy to do. It's the kind of effect you can perform anywhere you go (I know I do - all you need are the 4 aces). And lay audiences love it.

  17. I do that all the time, its great, again its really easy, but simple does hit hard. I just do David Stone's Ghost (On Real Secrets of Magic Vol.1) and get left with the four Aces, and then go into Weighted Aces. I love the last Transpo.

    Cheers, Tom
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    If you don't want to do "another four ace trick" you could use them as the cover cards for a matrix. Otherwise I agree with the previously made suggestions of The Asher Twist or Twisting the Aces. I would not do more than two "four ace" routines in a row. They may start to blur together in the audience's mind and lessen the overall perception of the effects.
  19. I like Gerry Griffins alternate version of twisting the Aces routine and gets people all the time. It's good trust me.
  20. I love Jazz aces( I think thats what its called). Its simple, impromptu, and can be modified for a number of different variations.

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