I have a few beginner question about the “Art of Cardistry ”

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  1. Wassup Everyone?

    I have a few beginner question about the “Art of Cardistry ” but before I get into that…

    Back when I was a “sophomore” in highschool I had a friend who sat next to me
    and would always do magic tricks [back in 1998] [which now I know upon googling it was called
    [“Card Flourishes and/or Cardistry”]. So, I would ask him everyday when he came to class to teach me, first he taught me the “Charlier Cut” and the “Card Spring” [Back in 1998] I didn’t know it had a name until this month, I’ll get into that shortly] .

    Present Day:
    Back on October 1st, 2015, My brother “Was like hey show your nephews those old card tricks you use to do”, I was like man oh man, so I grabbed a deck of cards that was laying and around and what do you know I still had the muscle memory to the “Charlier Cut” and the “Card Spring” but that wasn’t enough.

    So, I started googling and find out it was an actually not “Magic” but “The Art of Cardistry
    So ever since then I’ve been practicing daily, slow practice that is.

    I have the “The Encyclopedia of Playing Card Flourishes
    I have the “School of Cardistry” playlist on my youtube
    I have the “Fontaine Cards” the “Classics” on my playlist on youtube as well

    Also, I’ve seen a lot of youtube videos for example:
    Alot of people teach the “Charlier Cut” different ways

    And alot of videos teach the moves way too fast, t
    hey skip a few in between moves, so what videos
    or other links, books, or materials can help with learning
    "Cardistry Flourishes" a little bit better

    Moves I know:
    Grips: [Besides the other basics]
    The swing cut
    The swivel cut
    The Z cut
    The V cut

    One Handed Cuts:
    The Charlier Cut
    The Revolution Cut
    The 3 packet cut

    Currently Working on:
    The 5 Faces of Sybil
    [Most videos on youtube explain it a bit fast]

    My Question(s):
    How did you “Cardist” practice as beginners?

    Did you practice one move a certain amount of reps with your left & right hand?
    How long or often?

    What material did you use if any? [Can you provide links]

    For example I cannot do the scissor as to my hands do not allow me
    To stretch my “thumb” all the way back, so do you modify the grip?

  2. How do I 'cardist'? ;)

    I usually have 3 moves in a 'rotation'. This is to prevent me from getting bored with a move or hitting burnout. I'm working on a video and am practicing 10 moves in a rotation at the moment and I know I'm going to hit burnout in the next month or two.

    And trust me, you CAN do scissor cut. I have tiny hands and can do it. It's a cut that requires a little stretching if the thumb and you're good. Keep on it!
  3. Thanks, brett, Honestly, I've been stretching that thumb with just regular hand exercises, sometimes I can do it, sometimes cards are all over the floor, but I do agree its all about stretching that thumb.

    Thanks, Brett.
  4. for doing scissor cut moving the thumb is not the only thing that you have to do while lifting the packet with the thumb you also have to push the bottom packet with ring finger and pinky.
    that's really surprising you can do revolution but struggling with scissor that's nice keep it up
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  5. http://thevirts.com/
    and cardistryacademy has a few decent tutorials.
    or.... just ask other cardists for help and or instructions (here on theory11 or on reddit)

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