I have a question on two epic products.

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by hector_cervantes, Mar 10, 2009.

  1. The thing is I want to give my cards a rest ... every time they ask me if I have my cards, and if I do they immediately just respond in a way like saying DAMN no magic today lol... so I wanted to ask you here about TA does it have alot of other material that really does not use cards like for example coins, or other every day material? is in impromptu? and the other product is david stones volume 1&2 of real secrets of magic. does that have other magic that is not actually card magic? thanks
  2. 80% of the effects on TA is with cards. So I would go with David Stone, because there are more coin tricks there...
  3. Well, yeah, that is definitely a way to go...
    But between the two that he mentioned, I would go with David Stone... IF he doesn't want card tricks...

  4. yeah I know on the spot is pretty good but I am also attracted to all the tips I can learn from david.... on restaurant magic but on the spot is a pretty good way to go too thanx
  5. how about sankey's anytime anywhere
  6. OTS is the best choice. I would say a far better starting point.

  7. Organic by Dan and Dave, or just make your own tricks up that suite your environment.

  8. For you, David Stone. He rocks my socks.
  9. Organic was real inspirational writing.
    Didnt expect that out of the buck twins.

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