I have a question.

Hey guys, i was wondering, if youre on TV doing magic, like on a local chanel or something, can you perform effects that arent yours? For example lets say, can I perform Lee Ashers Witness or do i have to ask for permission or something?
May 8, 2008
Cumbria, UK
I don't think you actually have to ask permission but many would consider it ethically wrong not to. If you bought the effect legally then there shouldn't be a problem; not many people sell you an effect then expect you not to use it. But I would contact the creator (Lee Asher, for example) and double check.
If you don't, I doubt anything would happen as such (you won't get taken to court or anything) but it would be sensible to email them first, just to make sure.
Oct 18, 2007
but isnt it the same to show tricks on youtube / in tv ?? its both public so i think there is no difference =S i would like to know it also .... does anyone knows it ?


I will perform for a regional channel next week, and i will do effects that were not created by me, but all of them will have my own twist and handling, so it´s not properly doing something that has been created by someone.
And if you for example perform a effect from Dai Vernon or Marlo, what would you do? Ask permission from who?
The only thing i think is reasonable is to give the credits of that effect on the end of the performance, but on the other way i thing that when you buy something from a magician you automatically should have the rights to perform anywhere and anytime you like, because you are not only paying to learn the effect you are paying to perform it.
Dec 5, 2007
There are some dvds that says that the creator owns the tv rights, but legaly i dont think they can do anything if you did.

What are they going to say in court? Hey i did move around the cards in that way before he did! thats my way of moving the cards!

They would be like, ummm okey?

But it would be good to contact the creator before you do it, that would be ethically right.
May 3, 2008
I'm pretty sure that if the effect was published then you shouldn't have much of a problem. In very few instances I have seen creators that don't give you the performance rights to the effect, even after purchase. I know Criss Angel had to ask permission to use Sinful on Mindfreak before it was put onto DVD.
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