I have a show coming up for 10-13 yr old any idea?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Theory, Oct 12, 2007.

  1. here is my idea for my show i start with a sponge ball routine then do some card tricks like the 4 ace trick, here then there, then go into the AMBITIOUS CARD and then do Wayne Houchin- Indecent and ending the show with W:H- Stigmata. what do you think or do you have any advice?
  2. Maybe instead of Stigmata, do Distortion or Sinful?
  3. Sounds more like your just doing tricks instead of a routine. I would do maybe a sponge ball routine then do some card work like an ACR then let the finale be Indecent.

    You are jumping tricks around to much in my personal opinion and you need setup for most of them, and in a routine you really don't wanna have to setup ever trick you preform.
  4. I wouldn't use Stigmata. It's an awesome effect, but it's more for older spectators. Just my opinion. But Indecent, Sinful, and Distortion would be perfect. Good luck, and have fun!
  5. I agree with the above. If you can set up in front of an audience then great. I personally like to do a few tricks, but they have to flow into one another. For example, if you do a trick that leaves you with a card face down, why not do another trick where the mate of their chosen card is face down? Be creative. Do some cards, break the monotony with sponges or money, bring out the deck again (Nobody said it had to be the same deck, hint hint). Do a few more card tricks, throw in a packet trick.
    Now making a routine is a complex thing, simply because you want to have a common theme. I have a full routine with the aces. I will actually tell you what I do, feel free to use it since I will not tell you the names of the tricks, simply the end results. I start producing the aces in some fashion, losing them in the deck then finding them again (often having the spec find them). I then use the aces in several other tricks, finding cards or morphing them into other cards. Regardless, when you are doing tricks, try to be entertaining, do not steal away from the audience reaction (i.e. when they begin reacting SHUT UP! let them react). Do not forget, what we do, even if simple is very dependent on presentation, as I mentioned, when you put cards in your pocket, then do a different trick, and then pull the cards out, who says you have to bring up the same deck? be creative, and more than anything HAVE FUN :)

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