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I have created something and need your feedback!

Oct 30, 2014
Hi All!

I have created one effect few years ago and before deciding to publish it would like to get some feedback from magicians here.
Trick is created 100% by me and can be done by anyone , no skill is required.
If posting this link is against forum rules I would ask moderator to delete it.
Mar 6, 2012
The trick is okay but there are a few problems.....

1. Plastic boxes are a bit unusual to introduce for a deck that everyone knows has a regular card box.
2. I am a bit worried that a spectator may just think you actually aren't pulling the cards out of the decks.

That's it really. I wish you the best with the routine and encourage you to keep working on it.
Oct 30, 2014
Thank you tatan for your response!
These boxes come with Royal 100% All Plastic Playing Cards and I think they are perfect for this routine.
I have already worked few years on this routine,it can be used for so many other magic tricks , i just made this version because wanted to keep it simple , available for beginners with little or no skill and no practice....
Oct 30, 2014
Here is other variation. Very short. And very powerfull I think.
For some reason its much more easier to create and perform this effects then making the video (takes lot of time time, and I don't have it too much :( )

Here is the link :
Jan 28, 2014
I am skeptical of your pledge in the first video, the king is never shown the first time and in such a brash handling to the cards face up I find myself poking holes in your method. I may not know how its done exactly, but I believe I could recreate the effect.

in the second video I can't believe anything is what it appears to be because of the camera cut. also, I can recreate this effect with simple sight of hand that would look exactly like what you've presented here.


Elite Member
Sep 13, 2008
There's one question I ask myself whenever I've created something.


So ... why are you doing this trick? What is the point of it? As far as I can tell, it's a fairly lengthy, convoluted way of doing something that could be far more straight forward - basically a long, drawn out way to say, "Look what I can do!"
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