I have five dollars.

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by remy, Nov 1, 2008.

  1. Five dollars and thirty cents actually, to spend online. what should I buy?

  2. buy a deck of tally ho's
  3. cascade control from DnD's On demand
  4. A footlong.
  5. Yes, cascade control or 2 decks of bikes ;)
  6. save it, then you can buy something even better when you have more money
  7. Thats what I would do

  8. Thanks for the replies guys. Actually, I already have Cascade Control. And thanks for the suggestion of saving up, but ironically, that's what I have left of the hundred buckaroos I saved up and just spent on stuff. I got Cascade Control, Truffle Shuffle, Skullcandy Headphones, and Dan and Dave's Organic notes. That leaves me with like 5 bucks left...and since I have enough stuff now to practice, I'd just like a little something extra to play around with. Thanks again for the suggestions fellas.

  9. go to itunes and buy 5 songs to use with your new headphones :p
  10. Hopefully you're talking about the sandwhich.

    Anyways... save up that 5 dollar for something better.
  11. Head over to the 1on1 section.

  12. Or head over to Subway.

  13. David Blaine's Mysterious stranger is going for just under 5$ on amazon. I dont think you'll learn any tricks from it, but it may be a interesting magic related read.
    I've looked in a copy at a book store, overall it's a pretty nice product.
  14. Dude $5?
    Get yourself a coke.

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