I have flourish question?

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  1. WHy are color changes considered flourishes and not magic? I know it's kind of random but its been haunting me for a while. When something changes into something else isn't that more magic, then why is it considered flourish?
  2. Most aren't. Revelations are generally considered flourishes but not color changes. Depends on the color change really. The Jones Change for example is kinda flourishy, subjective I guess.
  3. Who said that color changes were flourishes?
    Anywho, I find it stupid to even call it color changes. It should be called card change.
  4. Maybe because you are changeing the color of the cards? :D I see what your saying though but we didnt come up with the name.
  5. No, a card change is a secret change of two cards. The color change is when the audience can see the card change from one to another.
  6. yeah it's called precendence... "back palming" isn't a back palm at all but thats what we call it.
  7. Well first of all I have book called Expert at Card Technique and all the color changes in it are in the flourishes chapter
  8. Color changes are no effect or tricks, their not flourishes either, their in a category of themselves unless purposely presented. By themselves, their just color changes. But Expert at the Card Table was printed 70+ years ago the terminology has changed.

    "card changing" is usually called a packet or single card switch. "Card changing" is just too confusing.
  9. A color change, while able to be used as a magic-effect on it's own is considered a sleight, merely a tool of magic used to create an effect. Just the same way, wooden planks and nails are tools to create a house, but not a house on their own. But it depends on the way it's presented, just like always said, magic happens in the mind of the spectator, not the hands of the magician. If they don't consider it magic, then it isn't.

    A color change is a tool to create magic, which has a magical appearance. As simple as that.

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