I just like the art of the cards.

Jul 2, 2022
Hi everyone!
I have always liked cards but have only really started getting more into collecting decks this year, does anyone else here just like the cards for their art style?

Can we talk about all cards here or only Theory 11?


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Sep 13, 2008
You can talk about any decks.

I do like the artwork on decks, though I'm having a bit of a hipster moment in that when I started collecting decks was right at the beginning of the custom deck explosion and now it's such a saturated market that it's rare to see a design that actually stands out. Too many companies are cranking out deck designs because they have to in order to stay relevant, so there's not as much time to really do something interesting.
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Jul 17, 2022
I love all cards by Kings Wild project for their art, but when it comes to handling and price, theory 11 wins. My favorite KWP deck is lord of the rings, and my favorite T11 deck is Monarchs, any color.

I do collect cards for the art, but I end up using them for magic.
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