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I know you guys hate these but...

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Mar 29, 2008
Well - this decision has been long coming.

I have decied to leave this forum for good. I am tired of the bashing remarks of Baller08, so he can feel better about himself. I can't have a serious discussion, because I am being called stupid, a douchebag, a blow hard...and so on...I don't have time for this kind of childish behaviour.

Baller08 constantly questions my experience, and takes the joy out of sharing on this site. He is so jealous of me, and angry of his own failures that he lashes out. Mods aren't really doing their part in shutting this guy up, as he really offers no advice to the group worth taking. DON'T BE YOURSELF - FEEL FREE TO EXPOSE MAGIC - all the kind of thing you would expect from someone that hasn't accomplished anything in magic, but spewing hate...just so he can hurt people.

He is not the only one - there are a tonne of morons in this group. Sadly, there are also a tonne of really great guys - that really want to grow and learn. In this forum, the best bully wins - whoever can be the most destructive gets the most respect. IT has NOTHING to do with the kind of magician you are - when Baller08 starts to get support on his half-baked ideas, I don't want to be part of the scene anymore.

I am getting questioned for defending myself? **** that.

Baller08 you made me crack...good for you - you single handly pushed a strong contributor out of the forum. Members, feel free to thank Baller08 for the lack of worthwhile posts. You are the worst human being I have ever come across, and it is sad that you couldn't find a grain of decency in you to let me enjoy something small in my life - so I will find it elsewhere, as this forum is too big for my experience and your ego.

If any of you want to keep in touch PM me, and I will send you my personal email address. Thanks for allowing me to share with you for the past year. For all those that emailed me to thank me for my contribution, thank you back - you are the future in magic. Good luck with your magic - be thankful for Steerpike, Praetoritevong, Thrallmind, and Sean Raf to name a few - read their words and know they come from practical experience.

I never learnt anything from someone that agreed with me...but I also never learnt anything from someone that felt they had to be disrespectful to prove their point...except one thing...I learnt their point was so moot, that they only way they could convince someone they were right, was to beat the person down to submission. Educating by anger and power, rather than by guidance and patience.

Good bye everyone - hope to see you in the real world, so we can share. Keep progressing.
Aug 10, 2008
In a rock concert
Man, come on, Personally saying this, I have learnd a lot and I have improved a lot thanks to you mate, it would be a shame to see you go...

Just ignore him, you are not login to the forums for him, you are loggin to contribute something so that guys like can actually learn something....

But if that is your decision, well good luck mate and I appreaciate all the help you gave me.
Well Morgician, I hope you know that you will not be forgotten, and I wish you the best. Guys, let this be a lesson, Morgician was a great contributor to this forum and he was driven away because of disrespect, if this keeps up these forums will be worthless, Steerpike, Praetoritevong, and all the other great contributors on this forum will probably be gone soon, go start a private forum where to morons can get in...Think about what these forums would be like without them, well we are one step closer to that...Good job.....Especialy Baller08....
Dec 23, 2007
Fredonia, NY
the only thing i would say, is that a private correspondance should probably remain so. many people complain about personal debates being on open forums instead of between two individuals, this was private and has now become public fodder. with that said....

morgician, i have not always agreed with your posts or your methods but i do hold you in great respect and although sometimes controversial your posts were always well thought out and supported with fact and passion, if this is to be your path i wish you well in your endeavor's.

besides, its just an online forum,
In complete aggreance with you it's a stone truth and the forums are a smaller place without you. I have felt these same feelings for quite sometime myself so I can't blame you my friend. I repeativily try and help and contribute and my words go without consideration and seems like I speak to myself for the most part. Thank god it doesn't matter I don't lose sleep over it either way I feel you and I look forward to seeing around the other forums my friend. I'll PM now. Peace!


Jun 26, 2008
San Francisco, California
Well, now I can quit as well, without worry, since there won't be any rhyme nor reason to read through any of the posts.

Ta ta. I might pop back in here to provide a link to a PDF download or two that I release. Maybe video. Who knows.


vp of development
Team member
Aug 5, 2007
the only thing i would say, is that a private correspondance should probably remain so. many people complain about personal debates being on open forums instead of between two individuals, this was private and has now become public fodder.
Couldn't agree more. To leave an online forum over a disagreement / argument with another member is rather petty. Although this may not be the sole reason for your decision, it was obviously what sealed the deal.

That said, I feel you were most certainly a productive contributor to these forums and there's no doubt that your posts will be missed. In the future, feel free to PM me personally should you have a dispute with another member that you would like to see resolved immediately.

With all that said, I'm going to close this thread - only because I feel it will lead to more argumentative posts between members (including yourself and Baller08).

Morgician - Feel free to PM me to discuss further. Always available to chat.
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