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  1. Hi Everyone,

    So I created this thread because, as you know, I need your help. I am a junior in high school and I have prom this spring. As many of you would know, prom is a big deal and often times a lot of playing goes into it. So, here is where I need your help-I always wanted to come up with a great way to ask a girl to prom and the other day I had a great idea for performing a card trick to ask her.

    The Trick:
    My idea was to perform a three-part ambitious card routine with an erdnase color change at the end. I was going to have the girl I want to ask be the spectator I performed the trick on. I would force a card (most likely the queen of hearts) and have her sign her name on the edges (first name on one, last name on other). I would also have a duplicate of the card and in the same area as her name, I would have "will you go to prom with me" split up and written there. So, I will go through the ACR, and at the end I will reveal that her card has risen to the top with a double lift. Her card will be the top of the turned over double and under it with be the duplicate. From here, I will do the color change revealing that I changed her name that she wrote to the question. I will do a clean up, hand her her card to read while I simultaneously have a friend hand me a bouquet of flowers behind me back, and I reveal those.

    Final Thoughts:
    In my head, this seems like it can be a strong routine and possibly stronger. I would be performing in class, so I will have everyone around watching as I do the trick. This is a psychological technique that may make or break the trick. With everyone around, the girl will have pressure on her to answer the question. Majority of the time, when pressure is added, the likelihood of getting the desired result increases; this would therefore increase the chances of getting a "yes" theoretically.

    So after you read this, please be a kind soul and give me some feedback. I would love to hear any additional ideas and/or things to make the routine stronger.

    Thank You,
  2. Hi Anthony, I am a college student, went to prom in high school several times etc. I've been a serious student of magic for about three years, and these are my thoughts.

    1. Adding that pressure does work, but it's a cheap shot. She may not appreciate it. Make sure to size her up before you do this.
    2. Only do the trick if you know that she REALLY enjoys magic.
    2a. If you decide to do your routine, practice a very similar routine with real spectators outside of class. This will build your confidence level.
    2b. I would use the Ace of Hearts, because there is much more room for the entire class to notice the change in writing on the card.
    2c. If you choose to use the classic Erdnase change, you had better make sure that it is exquisitely performed. So many people abuse that change; very few do it true justice.
    3. You may want to add a line at the end as you hand her the "question card" like, "To prove that this is your card, please read it aloud to the class." You could also drop it onto the floor, and get down on one knee to return it to her.
    4. If the attention is on you and her, it may be possible to have your confederate place the flowers on her desk without anyone noticing, perhaps in the middle of the trick.

    Overall, you have got to buildup the guts to do it. You'll have the whole class, including your possible future wife (joke), watching you, plus the chance of it not going well. I think that if you pul it off and entertain everyone, though, it would be a cool story/memory that she could share with her friends and your grandchildren (another joke).
    Anyway, Anthony, I hope this helped, and I would love to hear how it goes!

    Elliott Terral
  3. For the actual ACR routine, don't make it too long. 3 or 4 different phases including the color change. Just my opinion with experience with the routine. You do not want to bore her, because that routine can get boring and repetitive.
  4. Hey Anthony,
    Love the idea for asking a girl to Prom. I think Elliot and Andy have great advice. make sure the letters are nice and big and the ambitious card short. Just make it easy to follow....You should have your friend take a video, would be cool to see how it goes. Good luck!
  5. Hiya Anthony,

    I always read threads when people ask for help and I think I'd like to offer my thoughts, if you like...

    Take some time and reconsider this approach. There's, in my mind, just too many things that can go wrong:

    1) She doesn't like magic.
    2) She feels put on the spot and will resent you for it. (this should be number one)
    3) Possible hecklers, dropped cards, etc.
    4) Well, the list can go on.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm the most positive guy in the world and am not a big fan of "worst case scenario" but I think this type of thing can end up taking a life all its own. Instead, I'd go with a, "Hi Suzie, can I talk to you for a minute? You're going to the prom, obviously, right? Have you considered who you'd like to go with?" and take it from there. In private. Magic is a vehicle to help get who you are across to another person, and to bring out the joy inside them. It can be done with cards, to be sure, but sometimes those aren't even needed. Sometimes all that's needed is you.

    My 2 cents,

  6. Practice. Just practice the trick again and again and again in front of people, till you can get it done perfectly. You may mess up due to nerves, and believe me, you DON'T want that.

    Oh, and I'd add a chocolate bar or a rose somewhere in the middle :p
  7. Be careful when it comes to stuff like this
    Maybe don't perform infront of the whole class, but maybe when she is a with a few of her friends.
    And like what was said before, practice and make sure she likes magic etc.
    Good luck and all the best :)
    Tell us how it went if you decide to do it.
  8. Thank You So Much! This is exactly the advice i was looking for. I already know that she enjoys magic because I have been performing for her for a few weeks now and this is one of my main routines with a modification at the end so I am really confident. I actually agree, using the ace of hearts will be better. I have taken all your comments into consideration and i will keep working on it and hopefully, if I do perform it, I will get a video.
  9. Go for it mate, good on you!
  10. Yeah, I think it sounds like a really fun idea. My guess is if your going to ask her elaborately you kinda know she's gonna say yes already right? I think it sounds like fun. I loved figuring out creative ways to ask girls to dances, totally cool dude!
  11. Haha, I did something similar about 7 years ago, but for Valentine's. I kept it short and simple. She picked a card, it was the Ace of Hearts. I put it in her hands and I said, "I have something to ask you" I told her to turn it over and the Ace of Hearts now read 'Be Mine.'

    I know that the cautions of "Be Careful, she might not like magic" didn't apply to me because I wouldn't want to be with anyone who doesn't like magic. Its part of who I am. Although, its definitely important to keep in mind that you shouldn't ONLY be a magician. You should be an interesting person who does magic either professionally or as a hobby.
  12. I'm just going to play devil's advocate for a second. You say you've been performing for a few weeks for her. How long have you known her?(You don't have to answer just think about it.) I actually asked a girl to prom last year using a very similar method, a card change, but without the whole routine. The one thing you have to be careful of is that it's prom, which is a big deal in high school. (I know that seems obvious but it is significant). There was actually another thread on this subject not too long ago, but the most important thing for this to work and her not to be embarrassed in front of a bunch of people is to be fairly certain she would say yes if you didn't use magic. Or if you are less certain, do the trick in a less public place where she would feel more comfortable. I totally support asking someone with magic, the key is you must be able to to have the same chances if you asked them without magic. Just my two cents. Good luck!

    EDIT: use the search function on the forums and search the word "Prom"

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