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  1. Hey guys,i've just been wondering where do you guys get your cards from.I mean i'm not from the usa,that's why i'm having problems.I'm from Serbia and it's pretty hard to get quality cards here..And the guy i was buying cards from until now ripped me off,i really can't afford spending that much money on playing cards.Not gonna bore you with my life story now.I've just been wondering if there's any experienced cardist from europe that could maybe help and explain how he's been getting around for all these years.And no,i can't just order cards from the usa,the shipping costs are a *****.I'm not looking for an arguement cause i know some of you here are willing to turn anything into one i just really need a tip on how to get playing cards..i'm not a beginner,i'm not a newbie,i'm not smallminded i just can't find a source of playing cards.And could somebody please help me i'm in risk of quitting cardistry due to my problem.Thanks
  2. Hi!

    I know what kind of problem you have. I had the same problem myself. Have you checked if there are any Serbian websites that sell cards, where the shipping to where you live is cheaper? I guess that you have already looked but I wanted to ask.
  3. Thanks for the reply,i've already written in my previous comment that the serbian website i was buying from was a total ripoff.And i don't believe there's any other site.
  4. Oh I didn't realize that was like a company, I just thought you ment like a card ''dealer''.
    Look up if you can find some famous magician from Serbia, or someone else who does cardistry or magic, contact them and ask them for advice.
  5. Frankly i don't know anybody in serbia that does cardistry or magic.Atleast i haven't heard of him.
  6. What can you do to save a bit, is buy in bulk. Buy a brick, that would last at least a year with fair use. Try eBay too, you can find some cards cheap there. Or better yet, try to find a online website near Serbia, i mean in Europe for example.

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