I Think We Need to Step Back for a Sec.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sinful, Jul 8, 2009.

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  1. I refer you to my initial post yet again.

    Lol moment #3

    and yes, Im bumping this thread.
  2. What's wrong with wanting to be better than everybody else?
  3. Oh, ok, I see. You don't think I'm going to follow through, I understand why you think that.
  4. If that's the case, then the E forums and the Magic Cafe would be in the same state as well. Let's face it, only a small percentage of magicians are out there actually working. And no, that doesn't include the random birthday party once a year either.

    How is it there's productive conversation over at other forums where the age range is the same, but it's impossible to find here?

    Just something to ponder...
  5. Yes. I participated in that awful thread called "Stop the hating". I posted probably 5-6 replies that did nothing to further this forum or its users or magic. I did it at first because it was my honest opinion. But then I just wanted to be witty and funny. I am only human.

    I read Shane's post about the iphone app. But I dont have an iphone and had nothing to contribute outside of "great idea". I read it. Loved it. But had nothing to say.

    I also should not have gave a response to the stop the hating thread, because I had nothing to contribute there either, but it contributed to my ego, so for a moment it was worthwhile to me.

    Sinful, you are correct. I should be more mature. I came on here, because I have been here before a long time ago. And I remembered how friendly it was. But I was part of the problem only a few days ago.

    There, confession of my sins. I will go and sin no more.
  6. your whole post was actually very mature faust, couldnt expect less from you:)
  7. Since I apparently said too many dirty words the first time and got deleted, let's try this again.

    Moderation is tighter than it used to be, but is still largely ineffectual until trolls show up and flame wars begin. A lot of people here are embroiled in a cult of personality revolving around the T11 artists, which significantly dumbs down discourse and results in the kind of mind-numbingly stupid questions that Garcia was getting on the chat. The Culture of Nice endeavors to block out criticism under the thin veneer of trying to respect people's feelings.

    It leads me to wonder why I continue to come here. Am I learning anything? Not really. Am I accomplishing anything? Since there's only a select circle who listen to me, I'm really just preaching to the choir, so maybe not.
  8. As you can see i signed up awhile ago and i have a pretty low post count.

    The reason for that is I was scared to post here! I didn't want to say anything stuiped or embarresing and get a bad rep.

    But now you get all of these threads like...

    "what should i get a black tiger deck or a tally ho viper deck"


    "what trick should i buy?" (more like what trick do you have that needs to be perfected)

    the first post response is PRESSURE!!!

    Anyways, your right (again) we need to think before we post.
  9. Hey everyone. I think some people are missing the point of this thread. It wasn't meant for everyone to come out and start complaining. It was meant to try and get people to change the way that they post. Whether or not it made much of a difference at all is up to the people it's directed towards. I also think that everyone can do their part. If someone posts a long essay and you read it, make a post. Say something like "Thanks for posting this!" It may be generic, but it keeps the thread alive for a little longer before being lost into the ocean of old threads. If you see a troll, don't respond to it. Simply report the post. We'll take care of the issue from there.

    Be a contributing member. Be the change. Anyway, I think that most people who were going to read this thread will have read it by now. I think it has run its course. I'll close this now.

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