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  1. Hey guys I only know the riffle force. I think its great but i wouldn't mind having a couple in my arsenal. Where can I learn some great forces ?

    What ones are the best ?
  2. Riffle Force (the one where you riffle down the short edge and you tell the spectator to see and remember one card)

    Dribble Force

    Backslip Force

    Covered Backslip Force

    Raining Force

    Those are my favorites
  3. Cull force, riffle, emotion, backslip, John Bannon's bluff force...
    nothing can beat it
  5. Riffle Force
    Slip Force
    Overhand Shuffle Force
    My Own Force (I haven't thought of a name for it)

    I really only use those four, and I've always been fine. Slip force is probably the only one you haven't heard of (aside from my own force... naturally).

  6. i'm pretty sure there is a DVD called 50 ways to force a card or something like that so yeah get that
  7. Practice the Classic Force. Nothing can beat a classic force. In fact, if you make it perfect, even some magicians might not realize you are doing a classic force. However, if you do a riffle force or any kind of "stop" force, most magicians will realize, and spectators might as well.
  8. There is a ribbon spread force... That's one I like.

    Although, you might find it good practise to practice the classic force with a card every time you have a card selected. If it hits, cool deal, if not, ain't no never mind :D

    - Sean
  9. yeah i like the ribbon force too and the thumb fan force aswell i think they are more deceptive then a classic force suprisingly.
  10. so where do I get these gems ? the 50 ways to force a card ? is that what its called ? Il have to take a look
  11. It's actually 40 ways to force a card. It can be purchased here
  12. I don't know man. I wouldn't buy the 40 Ways to Force a Card. You probably won't use 20 of them and you might find one or two that you really like. I say just a learn a simple force and practice it whenever possible.

    Sean Raf had a good idea as well. Just learn the Classical and practice it for every single trick you do. If it works, you get better at the force and you know the spectators card. All the other forces aren't as natural in my opnion. The classical force is natural and can be the most effective.

    Learn one and get it down perfectly. Don't just spend your money on 40 and use 5 of the forces overall...and do them all mediocrely.
  13. I'm pretty sure that is called 40 ways to force a card :p
  14. Sorry to bring up an old subject, but where can you learn fprces like these because I dont think that you can learn them on that 40 Ways to Force a Card DVD? Is there some really good resource I can learn these from?

  15. 50 ways...to rock a lighter!

    i always liked the witchita slip by sankey
  16. Hey man, Its been said before.... definetly the best force you can use is the "classic force" is the more natural way of getting a card selected by an xpectator, what more do you need? a flashy way of getting a force card???? no no no.... the spectator first sir...

    It doesn't matter if we like the force, the force needs to looks like nothing but "take a card man" and a only that, there is no need for something else...

    So the best thing that I can recommend to you is this..... Paul green "classic force"

    38920102 ways to force a card??? pffftttt, learn the classic force and learn it well, is the best thing you can use.

  17. I'd say that a ribbon spread force is the best force you can use, far more natural if you have some sort of surface readily available.

    Spread the deck on a table, have a spectator take out a card and that card being the force card. Sounds good to me ;)

    If however you're just walking around, definitely the classic force. Or the Marlo B.D.E force, I love that one too.

    - Sean
  18. The Cherry Control by Ricky Smith
    The bow-to-stern control by Ernest Earick
    The Longitudinal Swivel Steal by Ernest Earick

    These, I believe, are the hardest controls out there. But, in my opinion, the greatest.

  19. Wow that was brilliant.

    You were asking for forces, not controls.

    Hahah, as for controls I prefer the riffle and the classic control
  20. Hey, the idea of a ribbon force looks nice! but as you said, not a lot of us have a chanse of doing magic on a table, that's why I use the classic's, anyway, Ill need to learn the ribbon spread force, you convinced me:rolleyes:

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