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  1. Hello people! Is this possible?

    I ask someone to think of something without any force and I can read his mind. I really want to achieve this. Pls help if you know something. Even if there is a device so expensive I would try to save for it. Thanks.
  2. Really?.....

    Start saving and get the book 13 steps to mentalism
  3. Enzo,

    There are some things you should realise.

    a) Yes, what you have said is possible.
    b) You should however realise that what we are doing is an illusion, so don't expect real magic
    c) Nonetheless, there are methods that do exactly what you say - some require devices, some don't even require those.

    You will find several useful methods in 13 Steps. But keep in mind the three points above.
  4. praetoritevong pls help me. I have no knowledge in mentalism and I'm not very comfortable reading books. I feel more comfortable watching a DVD. What DVDs of mentalism, showmanship, and presentation are so powerful? What devices are powerful? I'm planning on buying a spy earphone, spy camera, and spy microphone. I will have to check the price first. Pls help. Thank you very much.
  5. Well, ok, again, a few things.

    About books - I can understand not being comfortable with books. That said, the majority of great information is in books. So basically, it does mean that unfortunately, you will have to eventually delve into books if you want to find a lot of the best material. Books have been around a lot longer obviously, and most of the good stuff is in there, which is why they are recommended. Some books are difficult to read. However, others are far less so, so you should certainly give it a go, and if it doesn't work out, just work really slowly - the knowledge you gain in the long run will be worth it. 13 Steps is available in a DVD series, though, I feel I should mention that.

    About mentalism in general - It's alright to have no knowledge, but it's something you must gain before you can perform mentalism properly. Mentalism differs from magic in several key ways - which is why you have to have general knowledge in what you perform. Just as actors know stagecraft - you have to understand what you're doing before you can do it for real. That's partly why 13 Steps is a great resource - each of the steps is an important aspect of mentalism and it gives you a good experience with each part.

    About spy equipment - I'm a little lost here I must admit. I'm not really sure why you'd want these in the context of mentalism, although I certainly find them to be interesting little gadgets...

    And back to your original thing. You want to read minds. Sure, that's possible. You want them to think of a word without forcing, and you want to know what they're thinking... That's possible, too. Again, keep in mind that we're not actually psychic though. You can create the appearance, for your spectators, of what you want - but keep in mind that you will always have to compromise in some way - and you will always know that you're not actually reading someone's mind.

    But yes, there are many ways of doing this. Some require devices, some don't. It's best to read about mentalism in general, and find many different methods for yourself. You might be surprised - there are certainly ways to do this without expensive devices. But they involve other things. There are ways to do this without anything at all - but then the process may turn out to be different to what you expect.

    As I said, effects always require some sort of compromise. There are many different methods, each with different compromises. You have to find a compromise that works for you - what I'm happy to compromise on will be different from what you are willing to compromise on. It depends on many things, from personal preference, to the purpose of your effect, to the persona that you portray. The way to find the best method is to find as many methods as possible, and for that, you need to put in the work to learn about mentalism.
  6. Thanks a lot!
  7. No worries Enzo. I know I'm giving rather general advice but I really do want to stress the importance of learning about mentalism. If you'd like more specific pointers in the future, let me know.
  8. Whats with all the Spy-ness?

  9. Ok... 13 Steps has been mentioned but I'd also recommend you pick up some other key material, some of which is a bit "advanced" but I think it's where you are envisioning things. Start with the following;

    MIND READING - Kenton Knepper & Co.
    PSYCHOLOGICAL SUBTLETIES (all 3 volumes) Banachek
    ...also get Banachek's PSI SERIES DVD set
    RED HOT COLD READINGS -- Herb Dewey (get all of his stuff)
    PSYCHOMETRY FROM A-Z; AURA READING For Fun & Profit; ASTROLOGY for the Psychic Entertainer; - Richard Webster
    Absolutely everything form Bob Cassidy, John Riggs, Ron Martin/Larry Baukiin, & Jerome Finley as well as Switchcraft from Elliott J. Bresler.

    Trust me, you'll have all you need for a career if you get through this list and apply just 40% of what you find. But let me give you one last bone to chew on; If you honestly want to become a "Mind Reader"/Mentalist then you need to focus on that area and strive to develop the cleanest, most realistic material possible, understanding that the one thing most folks want to see when they watch a mentalist, is his Readings; they are there to get a Reading and they are willing to cough up several hundred dollars a seat for the experience PROVIDED you become a solid Reader and master of the Q&A. It's not an easy road and it certainly isn't as flashy as magic can typically be, but it will empower you on many positive levels including those via which you can help others claim their own power, let go of the chains that hold them back and get on with life.

    To me, that's magic!
  10. Excuse me while I take notes Craig. Thats some good stuff right there.
  11. Sounds like you're looking for a real miracle to just be handed to you.

    Not to be rude, but if you want to be serious about what you're doing you just need to get over not being "comfortable" with reading books. The whole "I'm a visual learner" thing is a lazy cop out. I'll let you in on something--everyone is a visual learner. Reading takes effort--it's active, not passive (as watching a DVD is). DVDs are great, and have their place for sure, but don't close off an entire world of knowledge in books just because you're too lazy to put in the effort of reading. Get over it, check out the books Craig listed, apply the knowledge, and you'll be able to do what you want and much more--and without having to rely all that expensive James Bond equipment you listed.

    Study magic as if it's an art and it just might become one for you.

  12. Books will help you a lot more than Dvd's will- read the books for the methods and the advice, and you can watch performances on the internet if you'd like.
  13. Amazing resources, but I wouldn't recomend you start with any of them or with 13 Steps. You need to get a foundation in mentalism first. Otherwise you will be overwealmed. Start with Fulves' Self Working Mental Magic or Annemann's Practical Mental Magic. If you want a DVD, start with start with Rich Ferguson's This is Mentalism. Now those books and DVD have what I call mental magic effects as well as true mentalism effects. What you will learn from those books or DVD is what Praetoritevong said about creating the appearance of having mental powers. If you like what you see, get Bob Cassidy's Fundamentals (its an e-book that you can get from lybrary.com) and then get 13 Steps. After that, go for the material that Craig recommends.

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