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  1. I have 13 steps to mentalism by tony corinda and practical mental magic by theodore annemann but I find it hard to understand things in this book.hoping for your kind comments,and if you have more recommendations and suggestions on where to start or what book,dvds etc. to get then it will be greatly appreciated.
    Thank you in advance :D
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  3. Bob Cassidy's Fundamentals
    Karl Fulves's Self Working Mentalism
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  4. thank you very much for your kind replies brothers.greatly appreciated <3
  5. and also if I may ask,there are magicians I saw performing in videos and their mentalism reached to the point where they can know what someone is thinking of e.g names of someone in their life,things,numbers etc.I also wanna reach that point in mentalism,I just wanna ask if those things are possible to reach and if its possible where can I start.thank you very much everyone.
  6. Remember, what you see in videos is not the full effect. There are multiple methods to achieve those results... none of which actually involve knowing what the other person is merely thinking of.
  7. Also, if you wanna purchase the Karl Fulves' book...remember, you will have to innovate quite a lot.

    The great methods will be revealed, but it will be up to you to use them. Saying so because most of his effects and methods cannot be directly used today...rendering some methods kinda impractical to say the least...but an entertaining persona and a creative mind can achieve wonders with the book!
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  8. Everything you see in videos can be accomplished with the methods taught in the books already referenced for the most part. There's very little "new" in mentalism these days - almost everything released is just new ways of doing old methods, with the exception of propless methods that are developing. But I think even some of those were used back in the day, just not widely published so they faded into obscurity for a time.
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  9. thank you very much brothers.I'll try my best to put time in reading and researching about mentalism.thank you so much for your replies ^_^
  10. Possibly consider trying a few tricks that involve both cards and mentalism, such as the “read your mind,” trick, which is based on the position of the cards.
  11. That would be mental magic. There's quite a big difference. Mentalism is usually played off as possibly being real whereas mental magic is much more clearly a magic trick if that makes sense.

    Mentalism is what Derren Brown does.
    The invisible deck is an example of mental magic.
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  12. Darwin Ortiz has a great routine--or at least concept--in whichever book contains "The Si Stebbin's Secret". It will work with any stack and comes close to looking like mentalism as it does not seem at all possible that the magician can have done anything "sneaky". Another good trick in that vain is Miracle Divination from The Magic Way.
  13. First get Bob Cassidy's "fundamentals", this book will teach you amazing effects and how to present them as a mentalist. This book also has lists of books you need to study at the end. You also need to study the books of Richard osterlind. He is a genius and he will teach you a lot. It's going to take years to master and be good at this so be ready for a long ride.
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  14. Hi, just joined up with this site as I too want to learn mentalism and magic. Thanks for all the help I will be keeping an eye on this thread
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  15. I would recommend Richard Osterlind's Principles of Mentalism, as well as his website. Good prices on his products... As someone who used to deal with textbooks professionally, I can tell you that neither Annemann or Corinda are good "textbooks". I wish people would quit recommending them. Oh, and one more thing about mentalism books/products: they're comparatively more expensive than other kinds of materials, generally speaking. Can you find a $10 mentalism effect that will work well for you? Sure. I've got a couple of real winners from Banacek and Dan Harlan that were not expensive at all. Shop around, ASK around.

    Here's another important factor, maybe THE most important one: What are you like as a person? What do you bring to the presentation of mentalism that reflects who you are? Eugene Burger said that trying to create a persona to use as a magician is a bad idea. It is even more true in mentalism. I tend to be a high-energy performer, and I don't think that is necessarily the best element for a mentalist's onstage presentation/presence. Thus, when I do stage routines, I choose "lighter" ones that reflect the energy I naturally produce. I also find I can be my energetic self when doing close-up mentalism; lots of good one-on-one and small group effects are out there. And they "play big" when the group is small.

    Remember, too, that mentalism works for audiences because the the most interesting topic for people is themselves. HOW you figure out someone's grandfather's name is not nearly as important as the value that person holds for her beloved grandpa. That you know his name brings back all the associations she holds, and you just tapped into HER emotional values. That is the power of astonishment.
  16. Is this ebook included in the hard copy book "The Artful Mentalism of Bob Cassidy Volume 2 : Fundamentals"?
  17. I just want to say you that read them many times till you would not understand them.Dont do any haste ,go slow understanding things word by word.I know in beggning it all happense but you should be persist to learn from these books.

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