I was featured on EWN (Etika World Network)!

Nov 12, 2016
LA (Lower Alabama)
This is something interesting. A few months ago I posted a video on Reddit performing a trick for a YouTuber under the name Etika (EWNetwork). Obviously with way over half a million subscribers he doesn't check his Reditt. I didn't expect him too. I mostly made it for his fans. It just so happens one of his friends found it and sent it to him Yesterday. He decided to watch it on stream. Here is his reaction:(small language warning)

The effect was a running gag. A joke about how Etika loves Minecraft (in reality he hates it)
So to be honest I did enjoy his reaction, but honestly I wasn't too proud looking back. Don't get me wrong knowing he saw it was among the greatest moments of my life. However the video its self need A LOT of improvement.

Here is some things I did wrong:

The spring:
That was pretty UGLY. I'm not going to lie. I do not understand why I thought it looked good. I did about 30 takes. That alone should've made me do at least 1 more.

Thumb riffle:
Okay, I normally do pinky count IRL. But I was already squaring up the deck, so i thought it was easier. So yes it was somewhat laziness. At the time I thought it was fine because of context. Since my second hand was there. But without mis-direction the thumb riffle is useless.

Twirl change:
MAAAAAN!!! THAT FLASH WAS NASTY!!!! Thankfully he didn't see it (looking through the comments it appears no one did). On a mobile device its almost invisible but on a larger screen its about as obvious as it gets.

ERdnase change(classic Color Change):
Okay not gonna lie I think it looks pretty good. And I hate my classic color change. I don't even perform irl.

Final phase:
THAT SUCKED! Like ZERO build up. I think I meant to snap, but I should have at least tapped my sharpie on it, or something.

So yeah... after 30 takes that's the result. Oh well still one of the highlights of my life.

Still i was afraid going through the comments I could see a lot of those "EXPOSED!!!". I only remember 1 and If i remember it was wrong, so.

P.S i want to mention the video has about 50,000 views which is more than EVERY episode of the shift. So i'm just going to tell people my video got more views than a large amount of that Chris Ramsay guy's videos.
Feb 1, 2017
I don't think the final phase was done poorly necessarily. You just completed the second reveal. You already punched him and got a reaction, and then you immediately uppercutted him with the final phase. I think that worked out fine, tbh.

If you think you can perform it better now, then perhaps you should consider uploading a new and improved version so we can all see your progress ^-^.
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Nov 29, 2017
Not bad not bad at all. I really liked the erdnase change that looked nice. His reaction wad hilarious. All around very nice indeed.
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