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  1. Ok so was looking on wish the other day and found a metal called gallium and was wondering if it was worth getting some to try and come up with a routine with it.

    Has anyone used gallium before.

  2. Yes Gallium has been used in tricks before. The one I know of is a spoon that dissolves in hot water/liquid. Various applications for that.

    NOTE - Gallium is NOT to be consumed. I can't remember the exact composition, but I'm pretty sure it's significantly lead and I know it is toxic. So if you do something like letting a spoon dissolve in coffee (a presentation I have seen) do NOT drink that coffee.

    Also note - the melting point of gallium is quite low. Depending on where you live, you may only be able to use it during the coldest months of the year. I know a guy in CA who had to literally change the percentages of various components of gallium-based gimmicks because the atmospheric temperature was higher than the melting point of said gimmicks for most of the year.
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  3. Thanks for the reply I was Thinking of doing something with imagination coins by Garret Thomas or what's needed to make it work I do have an idea in mind.

    I live in sunny England so not much heat here I think I need to just get some and have a play about with it.

    Also do you know how long it takes to set again kind of need it to set again for what I have in my head.

    Thanks again for the reply
  4. It's a metal. It 'sets' when it gets below its melting temperature. Just like if you heat iron enough to melt into liquid then pour it into a mold it cools and turns solid again.

    Pure Gallium melts at 29.8C apparently. If it's below that temperature it will be a solid, if it's above that temperature it will be a liquid. More info:

    On a good note, it turns out the warnings I've received in the past are for gallium alloys, not pure gallium.
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  5. Thanks for the heads up tbh. My first instinct would be to put it in my mouth to make people think I'm drooling ectoplasm. Crisis averted.
  6. look at 4:51 Grant Thompson sucks it into his mouth so I think you can place it in your mouth, but personally I would'nt do that :)
  7. In regards to anything that could affect one's health, I trust science based sources rather than the website that brought you the "Eat a Tide Pod challenge". From the site I posted previously -
    That's referring to pure gallium which probably wouldn't even be terribly useful for any kind of trick, given that it melts into liquid at very low temperatures (29.8 °C - 85.64F). You have to combine it with other things in order to make it not melt immediately upon picking it up. Which almost certainly means introducing toxins into the mix.

    Anything that goes into the mouth is at least partially absorbed into the blood stream pretty quickly, particularly liquids. I don't know what qualifies as "large doses" but considering it's got a warning against it at all, it's not advisable.
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