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  1. When I first heard about WH's control, I immediately thought about how it would be possible, and there was only one thing that I could think of. And that is the fact that the brachial artery (which eventually provides the blood through the artery you feel in your wrist when you check your "wrist pulse" or radial pulse) lies very superficial (close to the surface) on the side of your arm closer to your body. So, I thought that the idea was to apply pressure against this artery, by firmly pressing your arm against your body. I played around with this, and found that indeed my heart rate did slow down, and eventually come down to a level that I couldn't feel. The benefit is that medically certified individuals can find the real radial pulse, and feel it slow down, and after being told by someone that already felt it how it is going to feel, it can be enough for a strong reaction.
  2. This is not the method behind Control... but sounds like something worth playing with to me. The genius of Wayne's work is that his methods tend to often lie IN the box when people are looking outside the box to figure out how it's done.
  3. It has been said many times before that control does not require you apply pressure to any veins or arteries. In fact this is without a doubt the safest and best method to stop ones pluse.
  4. I'm a bit confused by what your saying here. First off, do you even own control? If so, you'll know that Wayne's method is SOOOO much easier than what your saying.
    By pressing your arm firmly on your body, your creating tension in your body, which shouldn't happen if your pulse is stopping. That will just have spectators jumping to conclusions faster and weaken the effect.
    If you can find a way to peform your idea without creating that tension, then all the best for you. I would stick with Wayne's method or look into some of the sources he cited for other ways to stop your pulse.

    Thats just my two cents on this...take it or leave it.
  5. You're effectively describing an old method of the pulse stop effect.
  6. Yeah, I know it's not Wayne's method. But, I played around with it, and when my friends and I were studying for our physiology practical, and we had to measure pulses, I had them check out my radial pulse and I fooled most of them (except the first couple that told me that I seemed very tensed)
  7. and that is what makes Control such an incredible effect. The new version, 2.0, even with the minor tweaks, makes it that much stronger of a moment.
  8. i just tried it. i can see it will work but its to unnatural. and a medical professional would figure out what you are doing
  9. So basically you're saying "I don't want to buy the effect, but is this how it's done?" I'm sorry but we don't really do that. And no your method it false. The actual method is much better.
  10. Alright, how do you know I didn't buy the dvd? I have it, and I know how it works...
    The people here seem so clique-y and narrow-minded, which is not what I expected at all from magicians.... You don't have to be a medically certified individual to know how to take a pulse... you could be a runner, or just someone who takes pulses just for fun... I know I've always known exactly where a pulse is... Instead of just saying "you're wrong, f*** off" why not just say "hm that's interesting, I'll try to remember that in case I need to use it later"
    I already said that I know it adds tension, and that I know it's not Wayne's method.... I'm not losing anything by you saying that this idea (which apparently has been around for a long time according to.... some poster on this thread) since I know Wayne's method.... You're the one losing out because you completely ignored information which could have come in handy, even if not for this trick. An intelligent individual, for example, just with the information I provided in the first post, would be able to figure out where exactly to apply a tourniquet to stop bleeding if a major artery in the forearm was cut... It's all information that will add to your worldview, and resisting new information only keeps you in the dark. I never said my method is better than Wayne's... Just that it was an interesting idea I had. I'm disappointed that such a small statement would attract so much hostility.

  11. If you have the DVD you'd know that Wayne mentions using the technique you 'came up with' before developing control.

  12. ....damn you got me....

    but I still think some of the responses had an air of rudeness... at least...
  13. hey dude i dont think i added any rudeness. but i did try the method you talked about. its a decent idea. and i do recall wayne talkin about it
  14. Nah I didn't think you were rude... whatever it doesn't matter, really... I'm emotionally scarred or anything... nor am I repulsed by the forum or anything... I just feel kinda stupid :p
  15. Just take it as a lesson to always research :)
  16. Well you were fishing for ideas about an effect that literally pays Wayne's bills. If you want to know how it's done, just buy it.

    The method you came up with is pretty old, but holds some merit. You are cutting off blood to your arm though, which could be dangerous if done improperly or too long. Just a medical note.

  17. Nah, I definitely wasn't trying to get info on what Wayne does.... definitely not, I wouldn't do something like that.... I just wanted to see what people thought of my idea...
    And cell necrosis begins ~6 hours after you cut off blood circulation. Doing it for a few seconds won't do anything =P
    It's pretty much what happens when the doctor checks your blood pressure, cept for a bit longer
  18. seriously, if you wanna find out how its done then buy the dvd.
  19. Seriously? Just how many magicians have you met anyway?

    Besides, from your first post (regardless of intentions) you appear to be disecting anothers effect in open forums, which is at the very least boarderlined exposure.

    I don't suppose you really need me to remind you that it would be wrong to do so.

    To a lesser point, the way your first post was worded one would believe that you don't own the source material that your citing. Which gives me suffecient enough reason to call into question your later claims of ownership in an attempt to save face. To be blunt, at the risk of over extending myself here, I call your bluff.
  20. It seems like people are getting all riled up for some reason.... i didn't buy control, and I INTENDED to be clear about that from the first post (but i forgot to mention it). All I wanted was to begin a discussion about the particular method that I mentioned.... Completely unrelated to Wayne's, as just a sidenote. I don't think I revealed anything about his method... it's not even his trick, I'm sure it's been around for a long time....

    From what people are saying in this thread, I feel like I did something really wrong or something, which I didn't mean to do... So I really can't see what it is.....

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